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Webmaster and statmagician Brian Tideman works hard to bring the epic tale that is OPRF Wrestling to you in electronic form.  Recently, he has been hard at work to think of ways to improve OPRF Wrestling and OPRF Athletics.  He has stumbled upon gold!

Here's the story:

As you know, the OPRF mascot is the Husky (Huskie/Huskies in athletics).  The OPRF student section and fan base are known as the Dog Pound.  I have no qualms against the Dog Pound, but it isn't original.  As we all know, OPRF is anything but original.  I don't want OPRF to be lumped together with the Naperville North Huskies, Waukegan Bulldogs, or even the Cleveland Browns.  I was thinking, "What could be an original and catchy name to describe the OPRF fan base?"  Then, it came to me:

Orange and Blue Crew

That's it!  The Orange and Blue Crew!  Instead of (or, for the traditionalists, in addition to) the Dog Pound, let's call OPRF Athletics supporters members of the Orange and Blue Crew!  In order to push this new moniker, I invite you to become one of the members of the Orange and Blue Crew! 

Orange and Blue Wrecking Crew

The Orange and Blue Crew is for supporters of OPRF athletics.  However, the Orange and Blue Wrecking Crew is the group of dedicated, dominant, and privileged youngsters known as OPRF Wrestlers.

Be sure to use the new terms freely!  And remember, they're always in good fun!

Membership Card

Now you can let the world know you are an Orange and Blue Crew member!  Download the Microsoft Publisher file and personalize it!  Then, print it, and keep it in your wallet, display it on your desk, or put it just about anywhere! (* - Note that the webmaster's email address has changed to:

Download | Download the Microsoft Publisher file here. (53 KB) 

Be sure to save it to your computer before you begin to edit it.


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