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2017 Offseason


News and notes: Getting updated in October
 Huskies and fans sense the beginning of yet another season · 10/05/2017

Oak Park and River Forest High School is an institution that doesn't sleep. "Those things that are best" aim to be greater.

We'll get you caught up on some news and notes in Huskieville. We may add more to this list, so stay tuned!


Journeymen in New York

This past weekend, several Huskies traveled to Schenectady, New York, to compete in the 2017 Fall Journeymen Classic. Grappling took place on September 30 and October 01. Ten or so competitors were listed as "OPRF" representatives, although all of these wrestlers may not be competing for the Huskies in 2017-2018. Visit the brackets to make heads or tails of it all: Tournaflex Group A | Tournaflex Groups B, C

Just go with the Flo

In FloWrestling's high school rankings, they list two Huskies in the preseason top 20. At 106 pounds, Jacob Rundell is listed as #18 in the country. At 138 pounds, Anthony Madrigal boasts a #5 ranking. In the upcoming season, Jacob will be a sophomore; Anthony will be a senior. In another note about Anthony, he committed to wrestle collegiately at the University of Oklahoma during the summer. FloWrestling also reported on Tony's commitment.

OPRF YouTube with Mack Bolen

OPRF graduates continue to make a mark in their respective paths. In Mack Bolen's regular wrestling podcast, he interviewed Kamal Bey, Ellis Coleman, and Brad Bolen. We have reported on these three recently, as they are dynamos in either Greco-Roman wrestling or Judo. The video is nearly 52 minutes of interesting Q and A. Click the link or the image to view and listen to the archived interview: YouTube Podcast (2017-09-07).


The season is coming. I know you want to know all of the dreamy details. Who is on the squad? What preseason rankings do Huskies have this season? When are the important dates and opponents? We will make time to take care of your inquisitive thirst, so be patient as we set the stage for the new season. In the meantime, you can go to the IL-8-to-18 website to view the current 2017-18 OPRF Wrestling schedule for all levels, as of today.


OPRF Wrestling Bake Sale on Sat, Aug. 12, at OP Farmer's Market
 Support delicious food and tenacious wrestlers from 7 AM - 1 PM in Oak Park (460 Lake Street) · 08/09/2017

Bake the dough, make the dough...Huskie Style | archived photos

It's that sweet time of year when the Huskie Wrestling Family "delivers the good" on fine eating. We enthusiastically invite you to visit the Oak Park Farmer's Market from 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM this coming Saturday, August 12, for sensational eats that can't be beat! The Farmer's Market is located at 460 Lake Street (on Lake Street, opposite Ridgeland Common; one block east of OPRFHS).

Don't let your taste buds down! Come out to see the glorious bounty that our community created! See the event on Facebook.



Alumni advancement: What news can you share?
 Brad Bolen is featured in the Wednesday Journal; share gems with us · 08/09/2017

Brad Bolen: decorated champion | via Wednesday Journal

As we endure (or approach) the dog days of August, there are always individuals and feats worth recognizing among the Oak Park & River Forest High School community. As a young student-athlete, I subscribed to a particular way of thinking, "Once a coach, always a coach." In my heart, and perhaps also in yours, lives another saying, "Once a Huskie, always a Huskie."

While Kamal Bey and Ellis Coleman are lighting up the (inter)national Greco scene. Brad Bolen is a parallel actor in the Judo scene. We have spoken about Brad from time to time and look to highlight other alumni in their achievements.

If you have any news worth reporting, please contact us and let us know -- in as much detail as you can manage -- the detailed information. Links, photos, dates, and locations are much appreciated. Even if the accomplishment is not directly related to wrestling, we are happy to give a Huskie his/her due acknowledgement. Be mindful of this arrangement of words, flowing from the opposite side of the screen, "We can't post what we don't know." Help us so that all can stay informed! Let's celebrate this great Huskie community together!

Back to Brad, you can jump to the Wednesday Journal article featuring Brad, dated August 1, 2017. What is not noted is that Brad has come back to the area and instilled some of his successes into others, such as instructing at the OPRFHS summer wrestling camp.



Kamal Bey: World Champion
 Kamal dispatches the field in Finland · 08/07/2017

Kamal celebrates his Junior World Greco-Roman title | via TrackWrestling

This past week, Kamal Bey earned world champion honors in the Junior World Championships Greco-Roman competition. The tournament took place between August 1-6 in Tempere, Finland. Kamal earned top honors in the 74 kg competition, besting defending world champion Akzhol Makhmudov of Kyrgyzstan by a 16-11 score. Kamal was a member of the OPRF Wrestling Huskies before his international ventures (of which there are many). Congratulations, Kamal!

Upcoming world championships include the Senior division (August 21-26) and the Cadets (September 5-10), so stay tuned for more of the Red, White, and Blue on the world stage.

If you wish to watch the bouts, TrackWrestling offers a paid subscription.

Videos | Watch Kamal's championship match from the 2017 Junior World Championships!



It's all Greco to me: Don't sleep on Ellis Coleman, Kamal Bey
 These OPRF graduates are still active (and successful) on the national and international scene · 07/28/2017

OPRF Alumni Ellis Coleman (left) and Kamal Bey (right)

If you haven't heard the name "Ellis Coleman" in some time, there is no need to fret. The 2009 Oak Park & River Forest graduate (and 2012 Olympian) is still doing what he loves to do. Just this last December, Ellis earned the title (his career third) in the U.S. Greco Senior Nationals finals. In the 66 kg/145 lb weight class, Ellis earned a hard-fought 2-2 championship victory. Slightly younger, Kamal Bey last wrestled for the Huskies in 2015. He also competed (75 kg/165 lb), won, and was named Outstanding Wrestler at December's Greco Senior Nationals event. The Bey-Hey Kid scored a technical fall success in the gold round. FloWrestling reported on the event.

Kamal also was named a participant on the 2017 Pan American Championships squad for the USA. This team sent men's Greco and Freestyle teams along with a women's Freestyle group. All members competed from May 5-7 in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Kamal did not place, but the U.S. did win 18 total medals (across three competitions), more than any other country in the competition.

FloWrestling Profiles | Ellis Coleman | Kamal Bey

Videos | Ellis Coleman (WTT Champion - 66 kg) | Kamal Bey (Jr. WTT Champion - 75 kg)

Long form interview article | Ellis Coleman on 5 Point Move (May 15, 2017)



Summer shovin': Recap of Huskies in major offseason events 
 Believe it or not, the IHSA Wrestling season officially kicks off in 108 days · 07/22/2017

Fargo -- this year's Cadet/Junior National Championships -- is the unofficial end of the spring/summer wrestling slate for high school aged wrestlers. Here below is a list of how the OPRF Huskies fared in the major USA Wrestling tournaments for the 2017 spring and summer slate.

If you see any omissions or errors listed below, please contact us.



Dates and Locations Are from the USA Wrestling Events Calendar | USAW Events

 Dates and Location Event  Participants (C / J) ~ '16-'17 Huskies Follow
April 28-30, 2017
Lincoln-Way Central HS
Greco-Roman State Championships

-- Website --

   Cadet 120 |  Josh Ogunsanya  | 2nd
   Cadet 120 |  Nick Bolivar
   Cadet 132 |  Torry Early  | 2nd
   Cadet 132 |  Eddie Bolivar  | 3rd
   Cadet 138 |  Joe Chapman
   Cadet 145 |  Ronnie Massari
   Cadet 152 |  Daemyen Middlebrooks  | 1st
   Cadet 152 |  Danny Lingen
   Cadet 160 |  Jake Cagnina  | 3rd

   Junior 106 |  Jake Rundell  | 2nd
   Junior 132 |  Peter Ogunsanya  | 2nd
   Junior 138 |  Taigue Thurston
   Junior 152 |  Eddie Ordoņez  | 4th
   Junior 152 |  Kedrick Bryant
   Junior 160 |  Jack Fisher
   Junior 170 |  Brian Holloway  | 2nd
   Junior 220 |  Elijah Osit  | 4th
   Junior 220 |  Jaylan Pascascio
   Junior 285 |  Ashford Hollis  | 4th

May 5-7, 2017
Freestyle State Championships

-- Website --

   Cadet 113 |  Nick Bolivar  | 3rd
Cadet 113 |  Josh Ogunsanya  | 4th
   Cadet 132 |  Eddie Bolivar  | 3rd
   Cadet 132 |  Torry Early  | 4th
   Cadet 138 |  Joe Chapman  | 4th
   Cadet 152 |  Danny Lingen
Cadet 152 |  Ronnie Massari
   Cadet 152 |  Daemyen Middlebrooks
   Cadet 160 |  Jake Cagnina

   Junior 138 |  Taigue Thurston
   Junior 145 |  Jaime Hernandez  | 1st
   Junior 152 |  Eddie Ordoņez
   Junior 160 |  Jack Fisher
   Junior 195 |  Elijah Osit  | 2nd
   Junior 285 |  Ashford Hollis  | 4th

May 13, 2017
Andrew HS

Girls Freestyle State Championships

-- Website --

None Unknown
May 19-21, 2017
Rochester, MN
Northern Plains Regional

-- Website --



May 19-21, 2017
Kalamazoo, MI
Central Regional

-- Website --


   Cadet 113 |  Josh Ogunsanya  | 3rd
   Cadet 132 |  Torry Early  | 1st
   Cadet 138 |  Joe Chapman
Cadet 160 |  Jake Cagnina  | 1st

   Junior 106 |  Jake Rundell  | 1st
   Junior 152 |  Eddie Ordoņez
Junior 160 |  Jack Fisher  | 1st
   Junior 170 |  Brian Holloway  | 3rd


   Cadet 113 |  Josh Ogunsanya  | 4th
   Cadet 113 |  Nick Bolivar
Cadet 132 |  Eddie Bolivar  | 1st
   Cadet 132 |  Torry Early
   Cadet 138 |  Joe Chapman
Cadet 160 |  Jake Cagnina  | 3rd

   Junior 106 |  Jake Rundell  | 1st
   Junior 152 |  Eddie Ordoņez
Junior 160 |  Jack Fisher
   Junior 170 |  Brian Holloway  | 2nd



June 3, 2017
Sycamore HS
2nd Chance National Team Qualifier

-- Website --


   Junior 145 |  Kedrick Bryant
   Junior 285 Challenge |  Ashford Hollis  | 2nd


   Cadet 132 |  Torry Early  | 1st
   Cadet 138 |  Joe Chapman  | 1st
   Cadet 152 |  Danny Lingen  | 2nd
   Cadet 152 |  Ronnie Massari

   Junior 138 |  Anthony Madrigal  | 2nd
   Junior 145 |  Eddie Ordoņez  | 3rd
   Junior 160 |  Jack Fisher  | 4th

June 7-11, 2017
 Indianapolis, IN
Schoolboy National Duals

-- Website --

Team Illinois GR  | 3rd

Team Illinois FS  | 1st



June 14-18, 2017
York, PA
Cadet National Duals

-- Website --

Team Illinois GR  | 2nd

   Cadet 106 |  Jake Rundell  | 3-0
Cadet 120 |  Josh Ogunsanya  | 2-1
   Cadet 132 |  Eddie Bolivar  | 3-2
Cadet 132 |  Torry Early  | 2-0
   Cadet 152 |  Daemyen Middlebrooks  | 1-1
   Cadet 160 |  Jake Cagnina  | 4-2

Team Illinois FS  | 1st

   Cadet 106 |  Jake Rundell  | 4-0
   Cadet 160 / 170 |  Jake Cagnina  | 2-1



June 20-24, 2017
Tulsa, OK
Junior National Duals

-- Website --

Team Illinois GR  | 1st


Team Illinois FS  | 2nd

   Junior 145 / 152 |  Jaime Hernandez  | 6-1



June 28-30, 2017
Atlanta, GA
Asics Kids FS/GR Nationals

-- Website --



July 14-22, 2017
Fargo, ND
Girls/Cadet/Junior Nationals

-- Website --

Team Illinois Cadet FS  | 1st

   113 |  Joshua Ogunsanya  | 6th
113 |  Nick Bolivar
132 |  Eddie Bolivar
132 |  Torry Early
138 |  Joe Chapman
160 |  Jake Cagnina  | 8th

Team Illinois Junior FS  | 1st

   100 |  Jake Rundell  | 3rd
170 |  Brian Holloway

Team Illinois Cadet GR  | 1st

   113 |  Josh Ogunsanya  | 6th
132 |  Torry Early  | 6th
160 |  Jake Cagnina

Team Illinois Junior GR  | 1st

   100 |  Jake Rundell  | 3rd
145 |  Eddie Ordoņez
   160 |  Jack Fisher
170 |  Brian Holloway






** - wrestler is an incoming high-schooler



Dreaming in the dome: Fargo Nationals in full swing
FloWrestling takes over live/archived coverage; FS and GR tourneys flip · 07/13/2017

(via FloWrestling)

We will update you about a slew of summer wrestling news in the upcoming days, but you need to know that the 2017 US Marine Corps Cadet/Junior National Championships are being held now -- on July 14-22 -- in Fargo, North Dakota. Note that the Freestyle session preceded the Greco-Roman session in the 2017 tournament.

Follow the wrestlers here (to be updated as the tournament continues):

 Competition  Wrestler  Weight  Finish  Coverage
 Cadet FS  Josh Ogunsanya  113  6th  Cadet FS on FloW
   Nick Bolivar  113  --  
   Eddie Bolivar  132  --  
   Torry Early  132  --  
   Joe Chapman  138  --  
   Jake Cagnina  160  8th  
 Junior FS  Jake Rundell  100  3rd  Junior FS on FloW
   Brian Holloway  170  --  
 Cadet GR  Josh Ogunsanya  113  6th  Cadet GR on FloW
   Torry Early  132  6th  
   Jake Cagnina  160  --  
 Junior GR  Jake Rundell  100  3rd  Junior GR on FloW
   Eddie Ordoņez  145  --  
   Jack Fisher  160  --  
   Brian Holloway  170  --  

Here are the unofficial lists of eligible qualifiers, per ILUSAW: Cadet Qualifiers | Junior Qualifers.

Follow --> | HOME | Sked | Flo | Cadet Women FS | Junior Women FS | Cadet FS | Cadet GR | Junior FS | Junior GR



Bolen is rollin': Alumnus Brad Bolen earns 4th straight Judo title
 Brad Bolen, a 2007 alumnus, wins his fourth consecutive (fifth overall) U.S. Sr. Judo Nationals title · 05/02/2017

Brad Bolen from 2015 (also Sr. Nat'l Champion)

OPRF Alumnus and former wrestler Brad Bolen ascended to the top of the United States Senior Judo Championship on April 29, as he earned top honors in the 73 kg division. Brad is native to River Forest, and his Team USA profile lists River Forest as his residence. Brad was a 2007 graduate of Oak Park & River Forest High School. See below for more on this achievement.


From a Judo Sr. National event report:

Salt Lake City, Utah - Athletes from the Jason Morris Judo Center (JMJC) had a stellar day at the US Sr. Nationals, April 29, 2017 winning six medals including three gold. Brad Bolen (28) and Kell Berliner (23) led the way both taking titles in their respective divisions. Bolen went 4-0 in 73kg on his way to claiming his 4th straight National title and 5th overall, tying Carrie Chandler for the most for a JMJC athlete in it's 16 year history. Bolen also ties Chandler's mark of eight total medals at the Nationals for the JMJC.

Congratulations, Brad!

--> Links | Judo Senior National Championships | Results | Brackets | USA Judo Event Statement | Brad Bolen on



Going to Town-sell: Gabriel (Gabe) Townsell shines
 Gabriel is a double threat student-athlete (in the classroom, on the mat) · 04/25/2017

Gabriel Townsell


Gabriel Townsell, an OPRF graduate in 2016 June, is beginning to make his mark on the Stanford Cardinal wrestling team during his true freshman season. Gabriel was one of 9 Cardinal wrestlers to qualify for the NCAA Division I Championships, where he wrestled to a 2-2 record. Gabriel finished his 125-pound season with a record of 18-11 (7-1 in duals), defeating two would-be All-Americans. At the conclusion of the season, he earned the program's "Newcomer of the Year" award. Gabriel's classroom work also excels; he was named an NWCA Division I All-Academic Individual. We look forward to seeing more big things from this Pac-12 student-athlete.

Congratulations, Gabriel!

--> Links | Gabriel's Stanford Profile | Stanford Wrestling | Stanford Review: 2016-2017 | 2017 NWCA All-Academic Div. I List


Gabriel at the NCAA Championships (bottom right) | click to enlarge



Developmental camp coming to OPRF in July
 New and familiar faces to serve as clinicians in the open event · 04/24/2017



OPRFHS will again host a Relentless Pursuit Wrestling summer camp in July. This camp has open registration; non-OPRF athletes and coaches are welcome to register. Online registration begins May 1. Below are the details.


6th Annual Relentless Pursuit Summer Camp

Open To: Grades 9-12
Location: 1 West Gym, OPRF High School
Dates: July 10-14
Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM & 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Fee: $160, coaches attend free with 3 or more wrestlers

ONLINE registration begins May 1. Go to
On the left side of the screen, click the “Camps” button and follow the links to the appropriate camp.

Walk up registration on Monday, July 10 at 11:00 AM
All Checks Made out to Huskie Wrestling Family
All Wrestlers Must have valid USA Wrestling Card

Dan Dennis – 2016 Olympian - 2x NCAA All-American U. of Iowa
Sammy Brooks – 2x NCAA All-American U. Of Iowa- Illinois State Champion
Topher Carton – NCAA Qualifier U. of Iowa- 3x state champion
Mike Powell: 2014 National Coach of the Year
Paul Collins: OPRF Head Coach 2015 Illinois State Champions
Jimmy Nehls: 2x Division III All-American and NCAA finalist
More to come.


Marching on with news, April showers us with more
 Alumni continue feats in the news; offseason wrestling is in full-go mode · 04/20/2017



The IHSA has entered its long hibernation for the next several months, but action continues in a number of places. Let's take a look at some past (and perhaps recent) events in the Huskie wrestling world.


All-America boys | Two Huskie Headliners performed quite well at each's respective NCAA Wrestling Championships. Updating the story about Sam Brooks, the Iowa senior completed his collegiate career with his second All America finish (in 2016, Sam earned a national 8th place finish). Both AA's occurred for Sam in the 184-pound weight class. While Sam wrestled in the Division I Championships, Isaiah White competed -- and dominated -- a Division II 165-pound bracket. The true freshman (and OPRF graduate) excelled and helped Notre Dame (OH) to win the Division II team title. Congratulations, gentlemen!

--> Links | NCAA Division I Championships | NCAA Division II Championships | NCAA Division III Championships | TrackW

Switching "off" | For many, wrestling is a near-year round sport. Even though the IHSA season has concluded, many still aim to perfect their craft on the mat. This past Sunday, the Illinois Freestyle Club Cup was held. Bad Hombres Wrestling Club featured several Huskie wrestlers on its team roster, and it battled to a 10th place finish. Twelve teams participated. For more results from the Freestyle Club Cup, jump to the event results on TrackWrestling. Stay tuned for more spring and summer action! In fact, you can stay on top of several offseason events. Force Wrestling offers a list of many events from now into the summer. To view the list of many (but perhaps not all) of the Folkstyle offseason events, go to the FW Offseason Events. For Greco-Roman and Freestyle events in Illinois, visit ILUSAW (state and national events <--> local events). Get informed!!
Alumni rush | At this website, we aim to report on all things OPRF Wrestling. A part of that coverage includes alumni who have excelled here, there, and everywhere. If you would like to share any news about former wrestlers, coaches, parents, or volunteers, email us. In this vein, Brad Bolen (OPRF 2007) continues to be a cannonball in the judo discipline. On April 1, Brad won the Liberty Bell Classic with a record of 5-0. No bout finished in the full time allowed. As a member of Team USA, Brad finished in second place at the NY Open. He competed at 73 kg. Way to go, Brad!

--> Links | Brad Bolen on



Brad Bolen at the Liberty Bell Classic and at the NY Open (L to R) | click photos to enlarge

Fat Boy offers a fat chance | OPRF senior and Nebraska commit Jay Renteria competed in the Dream Team Classic dual that pitted Illinois senior all-stars against other senior all-stars from across the country. Jay wrestled at 132 pounds and scored a major victory against Brian Courtney. Despite Jay's four team points, the USA Dream Team downed the Illinois Dream Team 29-20. This event was wrestled on Saturday night, April 8. Congratulations, Jay!

On that same weekend, Illinois also participated in the NWCA/USAW National Scholastic Duals. No Huskies took part, but Illinois's two teams earned second and eighth place (Illinois Outsiders and Illinois Inferno, respectively).

--> Links | Dream Team Classic Dual Box Score



News and notes: Learn about Huskies little, big, and even bigger
Isaiah White, Jake Rundell, and Joe Chapman strike gold; NCAA Division I finals are in progress · 03/17/2017



The IHSA has entered its long hibernation for the next several months, but action continues in a number of places. Let's take a look at some past (and perhaps recent) events in the Huskie wrestling world.


Division and conquer | The NCAA championships are upon us! Slammin' Sammy Brooks is a quarterfinalist in the Division I Championships. Sam, an Iowa Hawkeye, is a redshirt senior this year. Just two weeks ago, Sam won the Big Ten title at 184 pounds. You will remember Sam as a two-time state champion with the Huskies. He graduated from OPRF in 2012. Stay tuned as the tournament unfolds.

--> Links | NCAA Division I Championships | NCAA Division II Championships | NCAA Division III Championships | TrackW

White's might | In the NCAA Division II Championships, Isaiah White bested all before boasting a national title! Isaiah, a Notre Dame (OH) wrestler, helped his team to a national championship as well. Isaiah controlled all of his bouts and finished with a record of 24-2 on the season. A true freshman, Isaiah graduated OPRF (2016) as the only three-time state champion in school history. Congratulations, Isaiah!

Isaiah White wins DII 165-pound title

Freshmen first | In the Freshman-Sophomore State Championships, Jake Rundell (101) and Joe Chapman (132) earned trips to the top of the podium! Both freshmen, Jake and Joe finished a perfect 5-0 to conclude Frosh-Soph State on Sunday, March 12. Also placing was Daemyen Middlebrooks (145); he took home the 8th place medal. Non-medalling Huskie state qualifiers were Danny Lingen (152), Jaylan Pascascio (220), Ashford Hollis (285), and Lila Stratman (136 -- Girls State). Look for great things among all of these wrestlers in years to come.

--> Links | Team Illinois | Frosh-Soph State Brackets/Results | Evanston Sectional Results | Springfield PCC Center



OPRF at Frosh-Soph State (click photos to enlarge)

Wrestlers tomorrow, today | On Saturday, March 11, the Little Huskies took their turn in the land of championships. Four individuals from the Little Huskie Wrestling Club toed the line in the final IKWF tournament. Jake Vilora (Senior - 130) earned the highest finish with a 3rd place medal. Raymond Hernandez (Senior - 122) also finished with all-state status as he took home a 7th place ribbon. Also participating at IKWF State were Vincent McDonald (Novice - 122 pounds), and Connor Nagela (Senior - 89).

--> Links | IKWF Home | IKWF State Home | IKWF State Brackets/Results | Central Chi Sectional Results | Rockford BMOHBC



Selection Saturday: Young Huskies advance to championships
Action continues in a pair of Sectional tournaments; Frosh-Soph and IKWF State's forthcoming · 03/04/2017



While the IHSA Season is in our rearview mirrors, wrestling continues! On Saturday, eight OPRF Huskies advanced to the IWCOA Freshman-Sophomore State Championships (also knowns as Frosh-Soph State). Qualifying from the Evanston Sectional are Jake Rundell (101 pounds), Joe Chapman (132), Daemyen Middlebrooks (145), Danny Lingen (152), Matthew Crawford (170), Jaylan Pascascio (220), Ashford Hollis (285), and Lila Stratman (136 -- Girls State).

Frosh-Soph State is available only to wrestlers who are freshman/sophomore students and who did not qualify for IHSA Individual State. Multiple wrestlers from the same school are allowed in the same weight class. It is worth noting that due to OPRF's participation in the IHSA Dual Team State Finals, Huskie wrestlers were able to skip the Regional tournament and begin at their respective Sectional. The Freshman-Sophomore State Championships will be wrestled on Saturday and Sunday, March 11-12, in Springfield.

Links | Team Illinois | Frosh-Soph State Brackets/Results | Evanston Sectional Results | Springfield PCC Center

The Little Huskies were also in action on Saturday, as four members of the squad earned their place at the Illinois Kids Wrestling Federation State Championships, also known as IKWF State. The quartet of qualifiers were Vincent McDonald (Novice - 122 pounds), Connor Nagela (Senior - 89), Raymond Hernandez (Senior - 122), and Jake Viloria (Senior - 130). The IKWF State Championships will take place on Thursday-Saturday, March 9-11, in Rockford.

Links | IKWF Home | IKWF State Home | IKWF State Brackets/Results | Central Chi Sectional Results | Rockford BMOHBC



IHSA Stats Saturday | In addition to the two tournaments above holding court on Saturday, we will be releasing the final statistics for the IHSA Season, including award-winners and other notables. Stay tuned!



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