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2017-2018 Regular Season


Calming the Storm: OPRF dominates South Elgin 77-6
 The Orange & Blue Wrecking Crew roll to a 2-0 start to the season · 11/22/2017


Huskies strutted their stuff on Wednesday in impressive fashion. (photos by Jamil Shhmart)  |

Well, that was fun. Oak Park & River Forest posted the first 71 dual team points in their home win over the South Elgin Storm. You know about Twitter, so now why don't you take a jaunt to the Facebook Huskie Wrestling Family page? Dual results are there and photos (hopefully).

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Enjoy your holiday but remember that Saturday holds an away quad at New Trier.

Thank you to all who came out to Skrine Chops after the meet!

Quicker note: the Roster page is...updated! We may update this page as the season progresses, but the roster names and photos are ready so that you can get to know your 2017-2018 Huskie wrestlers!





Throwing down(ers): Huskies topple Trojans 60-15
 The Orange & Blue quadruple the Purple & White to win first dual of the season · 11/21/2017


Huskies strutted their stuff on Wednesday in impressive fashion. (photos by Jamil Shhmart)  |

And we're off! (Wait, haven't I said that about five times before?)

The Huskies take down their conference opponent, the Trojans of Downers Grove North, in a one-sided affair. The Collins Cadets took 11 of 14 bouts to run away with the Varsity dual. For a full recap of Huskie wrestlers and results, visit OPRF Wrestling's Twitter page.

Remember, the Huskies host South Elgin tonight! It will be Senior Night (and Alumni Night).

Alumni Social (post event) | For those interested, there will be an Alumni event at Skrine Chops (7230 Madison Street, Forest Park) following the dual versus South Elgin. Even if you cannot attend the dual, you are welcome to join the drinks, food, and fun at Skrine Chops!



Tonight's the night: OPRF opens at Downers Grove North
 Huskies begin the season as the fourth-best Class 3A team · 11/21/2017


On Saturday, blue met orange. On Tuesday, purple hosts. (photos by Jamil Shhmart) 

Q: What do you get when you cross a Huskie and a Trojan?

A: A conference clash to begin the 2017-2018 season!

Welcome to the next step in the 2017-2018 journey. The Huskies (all levels) jaunt to Downers Grove and tangle with the Trojans. We hope you can come out to watch the Orange & Blue in action.

The first -- unofficial -- competition took place this past Saturday in the intrasquad event at OPRF High School. A few photos are above. The young men and women are now champing at the bit to face a wrestler in an opposing singlet. Tonight they will get their chance.

Quick note: the Roster page is updated with the names, but the Mug Book photos are in process and will be updated by this weekend at the latest.

Go Huskies!



Orange & Blue Wrestling Crew: Preview this season's Varsity lineup
Enjoy a glimpse at the Huskies who are expected to contribute on the mat and in the room · 11/18/2017

Now, we are mere days away from the opening competition bell (November 21 at Downers Grove North). The Huskie Coaching Staff put together a rundown of the Varsity lineup with predicted weights. If you are anything like me, you will be thrilled to read about these student athletes who will aid the squad in this year (and some in future years).  In all, twenty-five wresters are mentioned. Nine of these are 2017-2018 seniors. The wheels are turning on this year's roster and mug book pictures, and we'll get them to you as fast as we can. For now, enjoy this read!




(Written commentary by Huskie Coaching Staff)


Connor Nagela: Connor is a freshman at OPRF and is excited to be a part of the high school program. Connor came up through the Little Huskies youth program. He was an IKWF State Qualifier last year. Connor should gain some valuable experience this year working with our talented lightweights.

Jake Rundell: Jake is entering his sophomore year after having a very good spring and summer. Jake finished 3rd in both the Greco and Freestyle Junior National Championships in Fargo, ND. Jake has a relentless style of wrestling and is always looking to score from all positions. We are excited for Jake to step into this starting role. Jake is currently ranked #11 in the country by FloWrestling.

Josh Ogunsanya: Josh enters his sophomore year after earning All-American honors this summer. Josh finished 4th and 6th respectively in Greco and Freestyle Cadet National Championships. Josh will be returning to the starting lineup after missing the end of his freshman year due to injury. Josh is a true student of the sport and is constantly looking to improve his strength and skill. Josh is primed for an exciting sophomore campaign and is looking to have a full season of competition.
Nico Bolivar: Nico is our third sophomore looking to start this season. Nico stepped into the starting lineup last year and did not disappoint. He ended up qualifying for the IHSA State Tournament as a freshman and beating some very good wrestlers along the way. Nico has dedicated himself this past offseason and is showing tremendous growth as a wrestler.
Raymond Hernandez: Raymond is a freshman at OPRF. He will look to crack the lineup at either 120 or 126. Raymond finished 7th last year in the IKWF State Championships. Since the summer, Raymond has fully embedded himself in the Huskie Wrestling Family. He comes into high school with a lot of ambition; it will be exciting to watch him grow over the next four years.
Eddie Bolivar: Eddie begins his junior year hungry for more. Eddie came up short of placing last year at the IHSA State Championships, but it provided great experience for him as a first year varsity starter. Eddie will compete at both 126 and 132 for the Huskies this year. Eddie is looking forward the start of the season and stepping into his own as a leader in our program.

Torry Early: Torry is entering his junior year after a successful summer. He earned All-American honors at the Cadet Greco National Championships this summer. Torry has grown, literally he’s about three inches taller, but also with his training. Torry is extremely knowledgeable in the sport of wrestling and is disciplined with his game plans.

Anthony Madrigal: Anthony is a senior who is committed to wrestle at Oklahoma University next year. With that monumental decision out of the way, Anthony can concentrate on improving himself as a wrestler and leader in the program. Anthony is a two-time IHSA State Runner-up and is looking to capture his first state championship. Anthony has committed more time to being a better teammate this offseason and season. His leadership will help push the younger wrestlers around him and bring them to a higher level of training. Anthony is currently ranked #5 in the country by FloWrestling.

Joe Chapman: Joe enters his sophomore year and will compete at both 145 and 152 this season. Joe has put in countless hours since the end of last season. Joe’s willingness to put in the extra work exemplifies the ambition we preach in our program. Joe will continue building his confidence through his work and will continue to improve as a wrestler because of it.
Eddie Ordonez: Eddie is another senior we are looking to as a leader. Eddie was one of three wrestlers from last year’s team to come up one match short of qualifying for the IHSA State Tournament. Eddie is looking to get the most out of his senior year, and his work in the room is showing it. Eddie is pushing himself harder than ever before, and his efforts are rubbing off on those around him.
Kedrick Bryant: Kedrick enters his senior year bigger and stronger than last year. Kedrick learned a lot during his junior year when he sporadically filled in for others in the varsity lineup. Kedrick is another great student with a phenomenal work ethic. Kedrick’s been able to come a long way in a short amount of time through his efforts in the practice room and weight room. He is grateful for his opportunities in our program and is making the most of them.
Jack Fisher: Jack’s junior year did not finish the way he wanted. He made a decision in March that he would not be outworked by anyone else. His determination to better himself as a wrestler and leader is showing throughout the program. Jack wrestles “Huskie Style” and is opening up his offense in all facets of his game. Jack will be looked to as a leader with a lot of younger middleweights around him.
Danny Lingen: Danny is a sophomore in our program and a natural born leader. Danny is a vocal young man who pushes himself in all his endeavors. Danny will look to push his teammates and himself to get the most out of the time this year. He is a part of a solid sophomore group from which we are expecting big things moving forward.
Ronnie Massari: Ronnie is a sophomore who received some varsity experience last year. Ronnie looks to build off his freshman year and his solid wrestling foundation. Ronnie’s commitment in the offseason helped prepare him for this upcoming season. Ronnie will compete for the spot at 160.
Cameron Bates: Cameron is a senior and one of the best leaders in our program. His selflessness is second to none. Cameron always looks to help the younger wrestlers around him. He is the consummate team player. Cameron had a lot of success on the lower levels last year. He will look to finish out his career at OPRF as a leader and be championed for his efforts in the room.
Jake Cagnina: Jake went all in for the offseason and was able to see some return on his investment by earning All-American honors this summer. Jake took 8th place in the Cadet Freestyle National Championships. Jake heads into his junior year with a renewed focus. He was able to wrestle 30 varsity matches as a sophomore; he built off that and had a tremendous offseason. Jake looks to hold down the varsity spot at 170 while improving his efforts in the room.
Daemyen Middlebrooks: Daemyen is another sophomore who came up through the Little Huskies WC and is a dual-sport athlete. Daemyen is a football player and wrestler at OPRF. Daemyen is an explosive athlete who has built up his strength and endurance to better himself as an all around athlete. Daemyen has a new level of focus headed into this season.
Ibrahim Mohktar: Ibrahim is a senior in our program. Ibrahim is an unbelievable young man who looks for challenges and embraces the obstacles in his way. Ibrahim will look to compete at 170 this season. He is an inspirational young man; his perseverance as a student athlete is unmatched.
David Smith: David is a senior and is excited for his senior campaign. David began his wrestling journey three years ago as a freshman backup. David has worked his way into having an opportunity to represent the Huskies in the varsity lineup. David pushes himself and those around him on a daily basis. He is an ambitious student and wrestler. He’s worked tirelessly in all areas while stepping up as a leader.
Elijah Osit: Elijah has gotten the most out of his experience at OPRF. After moving into Oak Park going into his sophomore year, Elijah has transformed himself into a strong, confident young man. Elijah’s junior season had many ups and downs. With his best efforts, he will look to continue his progress as a man and wrestler. Elijah has set himself up to be the leader we know he can be.
Brian Ziech: Brian is a junior who transferred from Fenwick High School. He was a sectional qualifier for the Friars and will be looking to break into the lineup at 195 or 220. Brian is a big strong young man and will be working on refining his technique to improve as a wrestler. We are excited to add another experienced big guy to the room. He brings a lot of positive energy and coachability.
Talvin Gibson: Talvin enters his senior year after starting on the offensive line for the OPRF football team. Talvin gained a lot of experience his junior year and wants to get the most out of his senior year. Talvin’s toughness allows him to wear his opponents down. It’ll be crucial for Talvin to improve on his technique in order to get to the next level. He will be pushed by the younger guys, and we know he will respond the right way.
Jaylan Pascasio: Jaylan is in his third year with the wrestling program. As a sophomore, Jaylan had a lot of success on the lower levels. Jaylan competes hard on a daily basis. He is a young man of few words, but his level of toughness and tenacity shown in his wrestling speak volumes.
Ashford Hollis: Ashford is a junior coming off All-Conference honors as a defensive lineman for the OPRF football team. Ashford has come on strong since last season and built himself into a legitimate heavyweight. His strength and conditioning have improved over the course of the past half year. Ashford looks to build off a very impressive football season and solidify the top weight of the lineup.
Max McDermott: Max is a senior in our program. Max has had an interesting career at OPRF to say the least. He’s battled through many things and is working his way to becoming a self-sufficient young man. Max will help push the other upper weights in the program, and he is good to have in the room on a daily basis. We are excited to have him back with us full time.


Schedule at-a-glance: Preview Varsity dates and opponents
The Orange & Blue add The Cheesehead, delete The Ironman for 2017-2018 · 11/14/2017



Thank you for your patience as we churn and churn in preparation of the competition calendar for 2017-2018. "Competition calendar," did I say? Oh, yes. Here is an overview of the events with commentary and team/event websites. If anything needs correction, please contact us.

You'll notice a few things when scanning below. First, the Huskies will host a quad on December 9. No need to hold in your excitement; no need to miss the event either. Also, OPRF traded The Ironman tournament for The Cheesehead. Both are individual invitationals. Other than these tidbits, most everything looks the same as last year.

Enjoy, and mark your calendars!


Direct Duals

Quads / Super Duals

 @ Downers Grove North*  11/21  @ New Trier  11/25  @ Hinsdale Central  12/15-12/16
 vs. South Elgin  11/22  @ Washington  12/02  @ The Clash (MN)  12/29-12/30
 vs. Proviso West*  12/01  vs. Quad  12/09  @ The Cheesehead (WI)  12/05-12/06
 @ Lyons Township*  12/08  @ Sandburg  01/13  vs. Huskie Invitational  01/20
 @ Glenbard West*  12/14    @ TBD (IHSA Regional)  02/03
 vs. York*  01/11    @ TBD (IHSA State Series)
 vs. Hinsdale Central*  01/18  * - conference opponent  

(Written commentary by Brian Tideman, webmaster) | Any updates or fixes with team emails, contact us.

@ Downers Grove North (Tue, Nov. 21)  |  Conference Dual
Since 2012-2013, the Huskies have opened their competition schedule against the intraconference foes Downers Grove North. Every year, it seems, the Trojans push to be considered in the top half contenders of the WSC-Silver. If you want to see the fresh faces on the year as they happen, Downers Grove is the place to be.

Downers Grove North Wrestling

vs. South Elgin (Wed, Nov. 22)
Last year, the Huskies defeated South Elgin 78-0. This year, the Storm would love to return the favor, but they'll first aim to earn some bout victories and go from there. After this event (the night before Thanksgiving), there has traditionally been reunions, conversation, and fun. Keep your ears open.

South Elgin Wrestling

@ New Trier / Quad (Sat, Nov 25)
It's been New Trier, Dakota, and Schaumburg for the last few years; expect the same. Dakota has been a Class 1A powerhouse within the last several years. Some of their wrestlers have been flat out dynamite. Come and see for yourself how they fare against a trio of 3A squads.

New Trier Wrestling  |  Schaumburg Wrestling   |  Dakota Wrestling 

vs. Proviso West (Fri, Dec 01)  |  Conference Dual
If you can remember the last time that Proviso West defeated OPRF in a dual, you deserve a prize. Don't sleep on some of the Panthers; there are a number of talented athletes that walk the halls in Hillside. Finding 14 Varsity starters has been a problem for the Cats.

Proviso West Wrestling

@ Washington / Quad (Sat, Dec 02)
Last year, the Huskies defeated Washington in the "Dubtown Throwdown" event. This is not a one-on-one dual, but you very well may see the Huskies take on these Panthers. If so, expect camaraderie -- along with competition -- to take center stage.

Washington Wrestling

@ Lyons Township (Fri, Dec 08)  |  Conference Dual

What can we say about LT? The Lions and supremely coached -- hint, hint -- had dreams and nightmares against us (or is it the other way around?). Whether it's close or a distant victory for one side, an OPRF-LT matchup is always a bona fide marquee attraction.

Lyons Township Wrestling

vs. OPRF / Quad (Sat, Dec 09)
The Huskies added this home date to their schedule, and I'm not quite sure who will make the trek to 201 N. Scoville. That adds to the excitement, though, doesn't it? There is no excuse not to come out to OPRF on December 9; we've brought the party to you!

OPRF Wrestling

@ Glenbard West (Thu, Dec 14)  |  Conference Dual
In Illinois high school athletics, the football Hilltoppers are synonymous with football winners. Of late, Glenbard West's wrestling squad has taken some steps forward. They are always tough against non-conference opponents, but they, like the Trojans, stride to perform consistently in conference.

Glenbard West Wrestling

@ Hinsdale Central / Whitlach Individual Tournament (Fri-Sat, Dec 15-16)
The Orange & Blue Wrecking Crew dominated last year's Whitlach tournament, besting 23 other schools to win the crown. Will it be the same this year? This is a dandy of a tournament. If you have time, come out for Friday and/or Saturday.

Hinsdale Central Wrestling

@ MINNESOTA / Clash Dual Team Tournament (Fri-Sat, Dec 29-30)
If you like tournaments, and you like duals, this is your heaven. Rochester, Minnesota, hosts a 32-team dual team tournament that holds a nice mix of intrastate and interstate talent. OPRF's best finish here was in the 2014-2015 season when the Huskies won the tournament title en route to an undefeated dual slate, a Class 3A team title, and an end-of-season number 1 national ranking. Now, that's a season.

The Clash

@ WISCONSIN / Cheesehead Individual Tournament (Fri-Sat, Jan 05-06)
The Huskies waved a magic wand and replaced The Ironman tournament with this one. While The Ironman has national buzz, this is another 32-team tournament with regional appeal. Wisconsin, as you'd imagine, is represented here much like Minnesota is represented at The Clash. This year will be OPRF's inaugural at The Cheesehead (Kaukauna, WI).

The Cheesehead

vs. York (Thu, Jan 11)  |  Conference Dual
Our (mostly) North Avenue neighbors have sputtered recently, at least in terms of conference standing. The Dukes are hoping for a return to the form of the 1990's and 2000's when it was not surprising to see a York team progress well in the IHSA State Series.

York Wrestling

@ Sandburg / Dual Team Super Duals (Sat, Jan 13)
We gave "ink" to Lyons Township, but Sandburg is another beast of an opponent. Wars were waged between the Eagles and Huskies. This is a "Super Duals" event, so expect many teams to arrive. However, due to the logistics of competing against all others, the Huskies will lock horns with only a select few.

Carl Sandburg Wrestling

vs. Hinsdale Central (Thu, Jan 18)  |  Conference Dual
Understanding Hinsdale Central's wrestling squad is mired in intrigue. About a half decade or so ago, the Red Devils were putting their place on the Illinois map. They've had some struggles recently, but they very well may be righting the ship to put the Illinois population on notice.

Hinsdale Central Wrestling

vs. OPRF / Individual Tournament (Sat, Jan 20)
I think the expression is, "The toughest little tournament in the country." I wrote these words two years ago in my similar preview, and I'll leave them here. What is fantastic about this tournament is that it brings in squads from all over. It's a really unique collection of talent and styles. You want to be here.

OPRF Wrestling

@ IHSA State Series: Regional, Sectional, Individual, and Dual Team (Sat, Feb 03-24)
OPRF's regional, sectional, and team sectional (for team qualifiers) sites are yet to be determined. You can be assured, though, that when it comes to February, all Class 3A schools do not look forward to locking arms with the Orange & Blue. The Huskies will be prepared to wrestle six grueling minutes (eight and a half minutes if need be) to get the job done. The state series culminates in in Bloomington, Illinois (shout out to the Fightin' Titans!), at the US Cellular Coliseum.

IHSA State Series



Let's dance: The IHSA season has commenced!
 The Orange & Blue Wrecking Crew is back in action! · 11/06/2017

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another grand season of IHSA and OPRF Wrestling!

On Monday, November 6, the Huskies (instructors and pupils) began their quest in what will be a terrific journey within the halls at 201 N. Scoville, among a number of other secondary schools in the Chicago area, and inside a few interstate facilities.

Here at, we will get you ready for the first whistle -- Tuesday, November 21, at Downers Grove North -- with loads of information about this year's crop of student athletes.

Prior to the DGN WSC (Silver) Conference tilt, expect to see 2017-2018 coaches, rosters, previews (schedule and wrestler), wrestler photos, and rankings (likely to be released by then). We have already updated our Schedule page. As the season progresses, we will update wrestler statistics on the Varsity level, as well as dual and tournament results for Varsity.

As I write this, be aware that I am one person. While a (large, devoted) team works tirelessly and selflessly to make OPRF and Little Huskie Wrestling the very best they can be, I alone type these words on this computer, to be uploaded later. If you have any news to share, any clarifications to point out, or even if you just want to say, "Hey, cool site!", please contact us/me. I appreciate any and everything I get.

I am thrilled to be a part of this website, of this team, of this greater community, of this sport, and of this time in history. Let's all share a terrific season together, just as we have for years and years and years before.

In relentless pursuit and Huskie pride.

Go Huskies!

Parents' Night | This Monday, November 13, there is an OPRF Wrestling Parents' Night at Oak Park Brewing Company. Come out and support the team/establishment!



Prep for prep: IHSA practices begin on Monday, Nov. 6
 High schools across Illinois ready for the official kickoff to wrestling season · 11/02/2017

As the leaves change color and the cold winds begin to blow, Illinois High School Association Wrestling hustles back to the Land of Lincoln. It was just over nine months ago (in late February) when the IHSA Wrestling Season concluded for the Huskies and for all of the high school teams in the state. Monday marks the beginning of a new chapter, a new journey, a new thrill ride. Some will argue that these "new" adventures have already begun for some (or for all). In the Oak Park and River Forest community, pursuit is relentless and family is omnipresent. It takes a village, and all of us in the Huskie wrestling program are honored and moved that we have and have had scores and hundreds (and thousands) of unique, passionate, and dedicated individuals to make "Those things that are best" even better.

Which season do you like best? Winter? Spring? Summer? Fall? How about Wrestling Season? (Wink, wink.)

Let's take a brief look back. Coming into 2016-2017, the OPRF Huskies had won three consecutive Class 3A Dual Team Championships. In 2017 February, the Orange & Blue reached the final day of competition but fell in the Class 3A Dual Team State Quarterfinals. For the 2016-2017 season at a glance, visit our corresponding Results and Postseason pages.

The Scoville Scurriers come into 2017-2018 with new faces stepping up, both in leadership and in levels. You can be assured that the wrestlers and coaches will be "Huskie hungry" to impose their dominance each and every time they toe the line in anticipation of the primary whistle. It will also be a season of growth, where young men and women develop in areas outside of the statistics of wins and losses. It will be the Orange & Blue Wrecking Crew as actors in unison to pursue relentlessly and to embody what it means to live Huskie proud.

We're only a few short days to the beginning of the 2017-2018 IHSA Wrestling Season. Like a rubber band cocked back in preparation for flight, so too will be this year's crop of mere days.

We hope that you preview our upcoming season's Schedule. Clear your calendar; support us at home and on the road; enjoy the moments, the stories, the individual efforts, the team successes....

If you're looking for reading material, may we suggest you take a look at last year's "28 for 28" series? In it, the Webmaster (charming guy, that one) offers 28 stories that help you understand a variety of facts and topics about Oak Park & River Forest's wrestling program or about high school wrestling in general. We want you to be as prepared as you can to maximize your enjoyment of the upcoming season. If you haven't clicked on the page, please do. It's comprehensive, informative, and dare I say quite helpful. Despite the year turning, nearly all of the articles continue to apply today.

You may be asking yourself, "Okay, but when do we get the good stuff about the season?" Well, we'll get you ready for the site with previews, roster updates, and more. As the rosters are finalized (remember that wrestlers report for IHSA practice this coming Monday), we will begin to pen those exciting trailers or lead-ins to what will undoubtedly be yet another great season to remember.

As we sign off for now, let us leave you with a phrase that I used in my "28 for 28" series last year. In the first post in the series, I wrote a sentence that resonates with me. I hope it resonates with you, too.

"There is nothing more true...than the Orange & Blue."

We'll see you again soon -- and you'll see us for a thrilling and fulfilling 2017-2018 season. Go Huskies!



The winds of fall: The IHSA season is weeks away
 Huskies and fans sense the beginning of yet another season · 10/03/2017 House | photos by BT

It has been a long end of the summer and now beginning to fall. All around Chicagoland (and all around the world), school life has begun to take hold on families, students, and staff members alike. We all know the sequence well: as the summer closes, school and high school football arise. As football's regular season exhausts, high school wrestling is waiting directly offstage.

We are six -- SIX -- weeks into the IHSA football season, and Team Orange & Blue sports a 4-2 record. Let's support them as they aspire to enter and to do damage in the playoffs. OPRF's final regular season gridiron battle will take place on October 20. The official IHSA Wrestling season is allowed to begin on November 6, just two weeks and change after Week 9.

If you haven't yet planned your winter sport work exit routine on Friday nights or perhaps where you'll stop for a coffee en route to a Saturday wrestling quad or tournament, don't worry. I have good news for you; you have time. As of this writing, there are almost 5 full weeks of anticipation until grapplers can roll around at 201 N. Scoville as official entrants in the 2017-2018 IHSA Wrestling Season. After November 6, the first contest will take place at Downers Grove North on Tuesday night, November 21.

The wheels of wrestling are turning!



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