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2016-2017 Regular Season


Those that push the rest: Lower levels growl at final tourneys
Junior Varsity, Sophomore, and Freshman teams successfully tie a ribbon on their seasons · 02/02/2017


Whether you're a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, you wrestled with Huskie Pride.

I, of all people, am keenly aware that the ink in this publication is skewed towards the Varsity wrestlers and its event schedule. Without question, there are dozens of other wrestlers who give just as much Huskie Heart as they prepare and compete. Last Saturday, a number of these wrestlers took center stage to represent both their team and themselves in likely their final bouts of the 2016-2017 season. The end of the regular season culminated with conference championships: Junior Varsity, Sophomore, and Freshman. Let it be known, however, that any wrestlers in the program may be called upon should the Huskies reach the IHSA Dual Team Series. I'm sure that all will be ready, should that need occur.

Fourteen to twenty-one wrestlers do not make a program. It takes a village, and in our case the village is Oak Park (or River Forest). These lower level wrestlers are not lower quality in any way, shape, or form. The Huskie Wrestling Family is a family, and the wrestling members of that family certainly -- while unique -- are not unnecessary. It is with great honor that we recognize a number of wrestlers who took part in the conference championships on Saturday, January 28.

Freshman conference results will be posted as finalized.

All of the descriptive commentary below is provided by Huskie Wrestling Coaches.

Bonus commentary for Sophomore wrestlers | This final week in the developmental room has been one that included a sharp increase in workout intensity designed to get the wrestlers ready for the lower level conference championships. With a focus on maximizing each individualís own potential, every one of them went out to perform in a manner that makes them proud of their work throughout the season. We as a coaching staff have seen some incredible growth and development this year, and we hope that these efforts carry through to future wrestling successes but more importantly to personal growth of each individual in our program. Whether it was first-year freshmen or sophomores, or seasoned juniors and seniors, the season can be marked by many successes. The sophomores participated in the conference tournament at York High School on Saturday and finished in 6th place of 14 teams. With 4 missing weight classes, the uphill climb was underway, and the Huskies went out to push the pace and demonstrate what their work in the season could produce. Below are some individual recaps. Great job to all those that competed and contributed to the success of our sophomore squad on Saturday and throughout this season!!!


JV Conference Tournament (OPRF Results)

120 - Max Walton took 5th and bounced back from a tough 1st round loss. He picked up one fall and an injury default on his journey through the consolation bracket.
126 - Max Boughton has continually gotten better throughout the season and demonstrated a great drive to win on Saturday. He ended up finishing 2-1 on the day and lost in the finals to a very tough junior from Lyons Township. Max wrestled tough and did a great job rounding out his senior season and finishing with a runner-up finish at the JV conference tournament.
132 - Torry Early placed 1st and worked his way through the tournament in Huskie-style fashion. Torry picked up two pins in the first period and teched his guy in the semis to reach the finals. Torry was undefeated on the JV level this year!
138 - Joe Chapman placed 1st and worked his way through the tournament in a dominant fashion. Joe was unscored upon throughout the tournament, going 3-0 on the day and racking up three pins in less than five minutes of wrestling. Joe did a great job of rounding out his first season at OPRF with a one-loss JV season and leading the JV team in pins and tech falls.
145 - Kedrick Bryant placed 1st and went 3-0 on the day. Kedrick worked his way through the tournament in dominant fashion. Kedrick picked up two pins in the first period and then was beating his opponent in the finals by a score of 13-1 when he secured the pin at the 2:38 mark of the match. Kedrick constantly got better as the season went forward, working on his leg defense and hand fighting in the room. Kedrick was 15-2 on the JV this season, highlighted by a 4th place finish at the OPRF Varsity Invitational on January 21st.
152 - Daniel Pedraza placed 1st and worked relentlessly to maximize his potential during his senior year. He won an exciting match in the first round, 5-4 over a kid from LT who teched him in the dual meet last year. He then steamrolled his way to finals with two first period falls.
160 - Cam Bates placed 3rd and continued to improve throughout the season. Cam was extremely tough to score on all day and therefore very hard to beat, losing a thrilling double overtime match in the semis. He went 2-1 on the day and finished on the podium in his last tournament of the year.
160 - Ibrahim Mokhatar placed 1st and has to be one of the most improved wrestlers this season for the Huskies. Ibrahim worked his way through the tournament in Huskie fashion. He grinded out his two matches by the score of 5-3 and 1-0, before running into the Varsity starter from York in the finals. Ibrahim secured a takedown with 20 seconds left and rode him out for the victory. This is Ibrahimís second tournament championship for the season. The future is bright for Ibrahim.
170 - David Smith has continually gotten better throughout the season and demonstrated a great drive to win on Saturday. He ended up finishing 2-1 on the day and lost in the finals to a very tough junior from Downers Grove South. David wrestled tough on his feet all day and did a great job rounding out the season and finishing with a runner-up finish at the JV conference tournament.
182 - Darian Nichols finished in 1st place. Darian was unscored upon throughout the tournament, he won his first match by tech fall in the tournament, and then won his finals match by major decision 12-2. Darian did a great job of rounding out his senior season at OPRF with an undefeated JV season and leading the JV team in wins.
195 - Evan Kamaryt placed 2nd and went 1-1 on the day. He demonstrated a lot of fight and pride in the way he wrestled this weekend.
220 - Talvin Gibson placed 1st and has to be one of the most improved wrestler this season for the Huskies. He finished the day with a 3-0 record. Talvin came out with heavy hands, getting 2 takedowns in the first period of his match, which he eventually won by 7-2 period. He continued to battle through the tournament by getting a 3-1 SV OT in his second match, and a major decision in the finals. Talvinís stamina and technique have continued to improve throughout the season.
285 - Ashford Hollis took 5th and bounced back from a tough 1st round loss to the eventual champ from DGS. He picked up two falls on his journey through the consolation bracket.


Sophomore Conference Tournament (OPRF Results)

106 - Alyssa Hirschman went 2-3 on the day and worked incredibly hard on the mat to demonstrate her improvement this year. Having been off the mat for over a week, the return was marked with some incredibly hard workouts that helped her earn two hard fought victories on Saturday while wrestling incredibly well in all five matches. She has turned the corner from beginner to a confident wrestler.
113 - Maeve Prudence has strong efforts that demonstrated how her skills have developed during the year. She has been very good at pushing the pace of her wrestling matches and she has a collar steal, granby and headlock that are a danger to her opponents out on the mat. She has a positive mindset in every scenario and with two years of experience under her belt is turning the corner and looking positively toward the future.
120 - Keegan Staggs wrestled hard all day Saturday and finished his season with a match that he was clearly going to win with a 10-3 score, but as he pushed his opponent in the last minute to get a major decision, he ended up with a pin with 2 seconds left. This type of relentless pursuit is what it means to wrestle as a Huskie and work for the team in conjunction with personal goals.
126 - David Deyro takes a high energy approach to the mat and finished 3rd on Saturday. His only loss came in a match that he was winning when he was caught by his opponent. Despite a loss in the semi-finals, David came back and worked to easily down his final opponent. David has been the motivator by example of hard work this year. He is tireless in practice and in competition and he can look to a future that will be marked by many successes because of his work ethic.
132 - Taigue Thurston has several years of experience to rely on and he has continued to grow throughout the season. He is very good with his technique and has been a person that the coaches and his teammates can rely on to work hard on the mat. Taigue earned a fourth place finish on Saturday through his efforts and in conjunction with some frustrating officiating. Despite this, Taigue continues to conduct himself with the utmost maturity. He has proven himself to be an integral part of the Huskies.
138 - John Valaika was the sole freshman representative at the Sophomore conference tournament. His first round match was against the eventual champion and he wrestled extremely tough. While he has some first year jitters, he is able to rely on his work in the room to go out and try what he has learned and gain more and more confidence with each appearance on the mat. A heartbreaking loss in his final match was not what John wanted, but he has a great growth curve and he is going to be successful based on what he has done this year.
145 - Seth Davis earned a Sophomore conference championship on Saturday in dominating fashion. He won all of his matches with relative ease and earned a technical fall in the finals against his opponent from Morton. Seth has athleticism to rely on but his drive on the mat is ultimately what helps him achieve and maximize his potential.
152 - Jake Cagnina was slated to win a conference championship on Saturday and Iím not sure that he didnít prove it in the first round. Against a very tough opponent, Jake outscored him 13-1. Unfortunately, Jake had to sit out the remainder of the tournament with an injury. However, Jake has proven himself as a high quality Huskie wrestler this year on many levels and lots of success is ahead of him.
170 - Chris Marx took second place in the conference tournament and has demonstrated some real growth with his ability to execute collar steals, double legs, and solid leg defense. Unfortunately, he came up just short on Saturday after battling back from a 4-0 deficit to have the match up for grabs with just seconds remaining. Chris has made marked improvement from the beginning of the season, and we look forward to him continuing to help build strength in the Huskie wrestling program.
182 - Cam Rigden had a very good tournament. He struggled in his first match and took a loss. Camís mindset changed going into the next two matches. He wrestled ďHuskie StyleĒ and was able to prevail over his final two opponents to finish in 5th place on the day. It was great to see Cam come back after a tough loss and show perseverance. In only his second year of wrestling, Cam has a good foundation for the next two years.
195 - Spencer Jenig is a first year wrestler as a sophomore, but he has learned to work in practice like he has been at it for way longer. Spencer is pushing the pace in practice and his development is largely due to his desire to ask good questions while focusing in practice to learn as much as he can to be successful on the mat.
220 - Jaylan Pascasio won the conference title as a 2nd year wrestler, and he is capable of beating most wrestlers any day. He has the physical talents along with some acquired wrestling skills to be a very good wrestler over the course of his high school career. Jaylanís relaxed personality mixed with the energy of his teammates will lead to future individual and team success.
Junior Varsity Results
 Wt.  Wrestler  Pl.
 106  Open  --
 113  Open  --
 120  M. Walton  5th
 126  M. Boughton  2nd
 132  T. Early  1st
 138  J. Chapman  1st
 145  K. Bryant  1st
 152  D. Pedraza  1st
 160  C. Bates  3rd
 160  I. Mokhtar  1st
 170  D. Smith  2nd
 182  D. Nichols  1st
 195  E. Kamaryt  2nd
 220  T. Gibson  1st
 285  A. Hollis  5th
Sophomore Results
 Wt.  Wrestler  Pl.
 106  A. Hirschman  8th
 113  M. Prudence  8th
 120  K. Staggs  7th
 126  D. Deyro  3rd
 132  T. Thurston  4th
 138  J. Valaika  8th
 145  S. Davis  1st
 152  J. Cagnina  4th
 160  Open  --
 170  C. Marx  2nd
 182  C. Rigden  5th
 195  S. Jenig  5th
 220  J. Pascascio  1st
 285  open  --


Last three to see: Huskies wrestled conference tourneys on Sat.
WSC championships: Hinsdale South hosted JV, York hosted Sophomore, Lyons hosted Freshman · 01/29/2017


Saturday marks the final week before IHSA Regionals on February 4.

On Saturday, the Oak Park & River Forest High School Varsity wrestlers did not compete, but certainly they were rooting for their teammates in various lower level conference championships. Scheduled events included:

Junior Varsity championships at Hinsdale South | Sophomore championships at York | Freshman championships at Lyons T.

Huskie results will be posted when available.

Also, please enjoy a newly released article posted on Illinois Matmen, authored by Gary Larsen, about the OPRF Huskies. Here is the beginning; click below for the full article.



To continue reading the FULL ARTICLE on Illinois Matment, please click here.


Home is where the (Huskie) heart is: Varsity wins, Frosh earns 3rd
Within the friendly confines, Varsity wins its tournament while Freshman finishes number three · 01/21/2017


The Hammerin' Huskies won by a whopping 70 points. (photos by Jonna Borgdorff) 

If you enjoy coming out to watch the Varsity wrestlers perform, then Saturday was bittersweet. Yes, Saturday's tournament resulted in a very strong performance by the Huskies; it was thrilling to watch Team Orange & Blue dominate en route to a home tourney championship. However, this past Saturday is the final time that you will see the Varsity go-getters out there on the mat in the regular season. Varsity earns a rest until its IHSA Regionals Tournament on Saturday, February 4.

Two tournaments were run on Saturday. As we mentioned above, the Varsity team -- while sporting only a dozen wrestlers -- took home the title by 70 points over the second-place team, Christian Brothers (216 to 146). Arrowhead finished third, with Plainfield Central and Crystal Lake Central rounding out the top five. Also competing in this tournament was the OPRF Junior Varsity group. OPRF's JV featured 11 wrestlers and finished tied for 9th place with 92.5 team points. (Dakota and Minooka also enjoyed 92.5 points.) Junior Varsity finished ahead of three: Plainfield East, Morton East, and Crystal Lake South. The last trio of teams whom we have yet to mention are those who finished in places six through eight: Huntley, St. James, and Gilroy.

The second of the two tournaments was the Freshman tournament. Here, another dozen entered and wrestled, but the lineup was middleweight-heavy. As a team, OPRF's Freshman squad finished in third place with 125.5 team points. Crown Point (runners-up) and Morton (champions) were the only high schools to outpoint the Huskies.

Jumping back to Varsity, all Varsity wrestlers placed. Huskie champions were Tony Madrigal (126), Jay Renteria (132), Jaime Hernandez (138), and Christopher Middlebrooks (220). Runners-up featured Jack Fisher (145) and Drew Matticks (170). Winners of the consolation championship consisted of Nico Bolivar (106), Brian Holloway (160), and JV entrant Joe Chapman (138). Full results are located in the tables below.

The Orange & Blue Freshman Crew earned two titles: Ronnie Massari (152) and Damaeyon Middlebrooks (160). Only one, John Valaika (145), left with second place honors. Three Huskies marched into third place: Spencer Abbott (132), Danny Lingen (145), and Lila Stratman (115-140 mixed).

As a reminder, next weekend will feature the conference championships (Junior Varsity, Sophomore, and Freshman). The Huskies most certainly will be involved in all three. We hope that you choose one event, come out, and cheer on our Huskies!

Brackets and results | Varsity tournament on TrackWrestling | Freshman tournament on TrackWrestling

Event pics (by Jonna Borgdorff) | Tournament Pics

In the news | Battle-tested OPRF wins its own invite (Wednesday Journal)


Varsity Results (V)

 Wt.  Wrestler  Pl.
 106  N. Bolivar  3rd
 113  Open  
 120  E. Bolivar  6th
 126  T. Madrigal  1st
 132  J. Renteria  1st
 138  J. Hernandez  1st
 145  J. Fisher  2nd
 152  J. Cagnina  6th
 160  B. Holloway  3rd
 170  D. Matticks  2nd
 182  Open  
 195  E. Osit  6th
 220  C. Middlebrooks  1st
 285  A. Hollis  7th
Varsity Results (JV)
 Wt.  Wrestler  Pl.
 106  J. Rundell  4th
 113  Open  
 120  Open  
 126  M. Walton  DNP
 132  T. Early  5th
 138  J. Chapman  3rd
 145  K. Bryant  4th
 152  E. Ordonez  5th
 160  C. Bates  DNP
 170  D. Nichols  5th
 182  C. Rigden  8th
 195  C. Marx  DNP
 220  T. Gibson  6th
 285  Open  
Frosh Results (All)
 Wt.  Wrestler  Pl.
 W  L. Stratman  3rd
 92  Open  
 99  J. Degand  4th
 106  Open  
 113  Open  
 120  C. Smith  4th
 126  A. Evans  DNP
 132  S. Abbott  3rd
 138  E. Tsakalakis  DNP
 138  G. Galindo  4th
 145  D. Lingen  3rd
 145  J. Valaika  2nd
 152  M. Giddens  6th
 152  R. Massari  1st
 160  D. Middlebrooks  1st
 170  Open  
 182  Open  
 195  Open  
 220  Open  
 285  Open  








Supersized weekend: Huskies host high school on Sat, youth on Sun
Varsity & Freshman tournaments happen on Saturday, Little Huskies youth tournament is set for Sunday · 01/20/2017


Sunday brings the Susan P. Collins Little Huskies Tournament. (archived photo by Brian Tideman)

Once again, the Field House at OPRF High School will be buzzing for two incredibly exciting events. On Saturday, the Varsity program welcomes several in-state and out-of-state opponents to take part in the Huskie Tournament. In addition to Varsity and Junior Varsity squads for the home Huskies, there will be eight Illinois high schools (Morton East, Crystal Lake Central, Crystal Lake South, Dakota, Huntley, Minooka, Plainfield Central, and Plainfield East). Four non-Illinois teams will also join the tourney (Arrowhead, WI; Gilroy, CA; Christian Brothers, MO; and St. James, KS).

First, consider coming out to OPRF High School. If not, follow the Varsity tournament on TrackWrestling.

As for the Freshman team, they also host their own tournament. In this brouhaha, the Huskies will compete with ten Illinois teams (Crystal Lake South, Evanston, Loyola, Maine West, Morton, Niles West, Notre Dame, Reavis, Riverside-Brookfield, and Taft). Two non-Illinois teams will also appear: Christian Brothers, MO, and Crown Point, IN.

Just as with the Varsity competition, consider coming out to OPRF High School. If not, follow the Freshman tournament on TrackWrestling.

On Sunday, the Little Huskies Wrestling Club -- the youth wrestling club in Oak Park & River Forest -- is hosting its annual Susan P. Collins Little Huskies Tournament. This tournament will bring in hundreds of youth wrestlers to spend the day in various age brackets and weight classes. For more information on the LHWC, visit the Little Huskies main website.

It will be an exciting weekend!! Go Huskies!!



Seeing silver: Huskies roll Red Devils, gain conference crown
OPRF wins all but two matches, defeat Hinsdale Central 61-12; Huskies finish 6-0 in WSC-S · 01/19/2017


Happy, happy Huskies. (photo by Paul Collins) | Click to enlarge.

The Oak Park & River Forest Huskies have made a habit out of becoming rude guests. In this remark, I simply mean that the Huskies often come, win, and even win big. OPRF has also grown accustomed to ranking at the top of the West Suburban Silver Conference. With Thursday night's win over the Hinsdale Central Red Devils, the OPRF Huskies officially claim another conference title. In the WSC-Silver, the conference champions are crowned through dual results. Well, the Huskies earned all six dual victories (Downers Grove North, Proviso West, Glenbard West, York, Lyons Township, and Hinsdale Central respectively) to grasp their ninth conference title out of the last ten years. (Last year was a shared title, you may recall.)

In the dual itself, Varsity burned the Red Devils for a dizzying dozen victories. At 160, Cameron Bates brought spirit but lost by fall. From 170-220 pounds, four Huskies took home wins: Brian Holloway (170) by technical fall, Darian Nichols (182) by 5-4 decision, Elijah Osit (195) by technical fall, and Christopher Middlebrooks (220) by pin. At this point, the team score was OPRF 19, Hinsdale Central 6.

Sophomore Ashford Hollis endured some growing pains against a very talented heavyweight in a pinfall defeat before the Wrecking Crew continued to roll with eight straight bout victories to conclude the dual: Nico Bolivar (106) by forfeit, PJ Ogunsanya (113) by technical fall, Eddie Bolivar (120) by technical fall, Tony Madrigal (126) by technical fall, Jay Renteria (132) by pin, Jaime Hernandez (138) by pin, Jack Fisher (145) by 5-2 decision, and Jake Cagnina (152) by forfeit. The final score read OPRF 61, Hinsdale Central 12.





That's 100: Jaime Hernandez earns spot in OPRF's Century Club
The star senior is 4-0 in his young season and becomes the 21st member of this exclusive group · 01/15/2017


Jaime Hernandez (photo by Jonna Borgdorff)

With Jaime Hernandez's three victories at Saturday's Sandburg Super Duals event, Jamie reached 100 Varsity wins in the Orange & Blue. Coming into this season, Jaime had compiled a career record of 96-31. Now, he sits at a mark of 100-31 and at the table of the OPRF Wrestling Century Club. Congratulations, Jaime!

In Jaime's first three seasons, he finished with these win-loss totals: 32-13 (freshman), 34-10 (sophomore), and 30-8 (junior). In his first year, Jaime was a sectional qualifier but did not qualify for the individual state tournament. As a sophomore, Jaime earned 4th place (132 pounds) before ending as a state runner-up (138 pounds) a year ago. This season, Jaime is currently slotted as the #2-ranked 138 pound wrestler in Class 3A, by GEI-Illinois Matmen. After graduating OPRFHS, Jaime has committed to wrestle while attending the University of North Carolina.

Welcoming Jaime to this elite group is fellow senior teammate Jay Renteria. Jay earned his place in the Century Club near the end of his junior campaign.

If you are thinking about who might be the next to follow Jaime, the closest Varsity wrestler is Tony Madrigal. After the Sandburg Duals, Tony has a career mark of 92 tallies.

To view all members of this program's Century Club, please visit our Wall of Fame page.



Morning drama: OPRF squeezes past Marmion, takes trio at Sandburg
Huskies-Cadets was the marquee matchup, OPRF wins 28-24 in a barnburner · 01/14/2017


The Huskies, not their opponents, exited Orland Park flying high.

Team Orange & Blue has had its rivalries in recent years. Sandburg, without question, is a prime rival of the Huskies. However, while hosting its Super Duals, the Eagles did not square off against OPRF. Some may argue that Marmion has had the more recent rivalry with our beloved Huskies. The Cadets and Huskies met for the 3A championship trophy this past February. If a spectator had any car trouble en route to Orland Park, perhaps this fan missed what turned out to be a highly entertaining dual. #2 OPRF began its "super" day against #3 Marmion.

The morning session began at 170 pounds. Nate Jimenez (MRM) calmed the Huskie crowd with a 7-3 opening win over Drew Matticks. [MRM 3-0] At 182 pounds, Tariq Thurman returned the favor with a 5-0 victory over Austin Esposito. [TIED 3-3] The Huskies took the next two, but they were only decisions: Elijah Osit (195) over Tyler Surges at a 9-4 clip and Talvin Gibson (220) over John Bazukas by a 4-1 score. [OPRF 9-3] At 285, Calvin McDonald scored a bonus-point fall to knot the score again. [TIED 9-9] The Huskies added two more decisions: Jake Rundell (106) dispatched Michael Jaffe 4-1 and Nico Bolivar (113) blanked Jacob Tinajero 4-0. {OPRF 15-9]

A PJ Ogunsanya fall -- over Ryan Fleck at 120 pounds -- extended the Huskies lead to 12. [OPRF 21-9] With Tony Madrigal out sick, Eddie Bolivar was flexed to 126 pounds but fell to Trevor Chumbley 5-0. [OPRF 21-12] At 132, it was more of the same for Jay Renteria as he nearly earned a tech fall against Sean McKenna (20-7). [OPRF 25-12] Next came the bout of the dual and perhaps of the day. At 138 pounds, Jaime Hernandez faced his first opponent of the season. He locked horns against Anthony Chelony, the #2 ranked 138-pounder in the state. It was a back-and-forth affair, and Jaime stormed back to tie the bout at the end of regulations. A takedown in extra time gave Jaime (and perhaps the Huskies) the victory. [OPRF 28-12] From there, Marmion swept the final three bouts at 145, 152, and 160. Jake Polka (MRM) only mustered a 2-0 decision against Jack Fisher, thus sealing the deal in favor of the Huskies. At 152, Brad Gross (MRM) won via pinfall, and in the last bout, Peter Ferraro (MRM) gritted out a 11-7 win over Brian Holloway. [OPRF 28-24]

In the other two duals, the Huskies defeated #2 (2A) Crystal Lake Central 56-9 and #22 Hononegah 47-18.



Bark is worse than bite: Huskies upend Lions 53-14
OPRF earns 11 of 14 bout victories, improve to 5-0 in conference · 01/13/2017


The Huskies left their opponents looking blue. (photos by Jonna Borgdorff)  |

The Oak Park & River Forest Huskies continued their strong march against West Suburban (Silver) Conference opponents on Friday night with a 52-14 victory over the Lyons Township Lyons. At home, the Huskies secured 11 victories in all. Of these 11, Jaime Hernandez (138) and Jack Fisher (145) made their in-season debuts.

The dual began at 220 pounds. Talvin Gibson scored a 4-2 victory for the Orange & Blue. After an LT pin at 285, OPRF (16-3, 5-0) reeled off six consecutive victories. Nico Bolivar (106) earned a major decision, PJ Ogunsanya (113) and Eddie Bolivar (120) won by fall, Tony Madrigal (126) notched a 6-2 decision over #6 Zach Villarreal, Jay Renteria won via technical fall, and Jaime Hernandez took home an uncontested forfeit victory.

At 145 pounds, the Lions earned their second bout victory of the night with a 15-point margin. OPRF took home four of the final five contests: Jake Cagnina (152) and Brian Holloway (160) via technical fall, Tariq Thurman (182) via major decision, and Elijah Osit (195) via pin. #1-ranked Johnny Mologousis downed Drew Matticks at 170 pounds by a 10-3 score.

The Orange & Blue Wrecking Crew look to finish off an unblemished conference season on Thursday, January 19, when they visit Hinsdale Central.

The Junior Varsity squad also flexed its muscles in a 46-28 victory of its own.

Event pics (by Jonna Borgdorff) | Varsity | Junior Varsity







Outdueling Dukes: Oak Park & River Forest downs York, 4-0 in WSC
Huskies outpoint Dukes 29-12 in contested bouts, add a forfeit victory to win 35-12 · 01/05/2017


The Huskies saw green, acted mean.

OPRF notched another victory on Thursday night when they defeated the York Dukes. 8 of the possible 14 bouts were wrestled, and the Huskies (15-3, 4-0) took five of the eight. All five of the Huskies' wins came via fall (four pinfalls and one technical fall). The strong bonus point tallies were too much for York to overcome.

Winners for the Huskies included PJ Ogunsanya (120 - fall), Tony Madrigal (132 - fall), Cameron Bates (160 - fall), Tariq Thurman (182 - technical fall), and Elijah Osit (195 - fall). Max Walton (126), Ronnie Massari (145), and Jake Cagnina (152) also wrestled for the Orange & Blue. Ashford Hollis (285) earned a forfeit victory, as well, for the Huskies. The final score read OPRF 35, York 12.

The Huskies' next West Suburban (Silver) Conference skirmish will take place on January 13 versus Lyons Township.



Clash of the fightin's: OPRF gives its all, finishes in 7th place
 Huskies make 2nd Bracket after Day 1, finish 3-3 in Minnesota · 12/31/2016


Image via event website | visit

In this dynamic interstate tournament -- this year's version known as The Clash XV -- monsters of all shapes and sizes collide. The Huskies were pit as the #1-seed in Bracket D on Day One, but Oak Park & River Forest fell in that bracket's championship finale to Park Hill (MO), 33-20.

On Day Two, the Orange & Blue found themselves in the 2nd Bracket (of eight total four-team round robin brackets). On New Year's Eve Day, the Huskies stared down Anoka (MN), Apple Valley (MN), and Wasatch (UT). The first two proved to be too strong for OPRF, but the Huskies finished the evening (and year 2016) on a winning note by defeating Wasatch by a margin of 6.

The 3-3 record saw the Huskies battle three of the nation's top 50 teams (according to InterMat's December 26 rankings): Park Hill (#24), Anoka (#50), and Apple Valley (#34). Unfortunately for the Huskies, all three of these duals found the loss column.

On the tourney, the Huskies sported four undefeated wrestlers: Josh Ogunsanya (3-0, Day One only), PJ Ogunsanya (6-0), Jay Renteria (6-0), and Christopher Middlebrooks (6-0). One-loss wrestlers were Nico Bolivar (4-1), Tony Madrigal (5-1), Brian Holloway (5-1), and Drew Matticks (4-1). Eight other OPRF wrestlers competed in The Clash: Torry Early, Eddie Ordonez, Jake Cagnina, Daniel Pedraza, Darian Nichols, Tariq Thurman, Elijah Osit, and Talvin Gibson. No Huskies were named to the All-Tournament Team.

On the weekend, Oak Park & River Forest finished the highest among the four Illinois schools: Providence (11th), Washington (13th), and Glenbard North (25th).

For full results, visit the event on TrackWrestling.

Next up for OPRF will be a West Suburban Conference (Silver) Conference dual with York. The Huskies will visit the Dukes on Thursday, January 5 (all levels). According to the team schedule, Varsity does not have a competition event scheduled for this coming Friday or Saturday (January 6 or 7).

Tournament links | Clash XV | Schedule | Format (scroll down, from 2015) | InterMat Preview

More links | TrackW | TrackCast video ($15) | Twitter (@TheClashMN) | Twitter (@OPRFWrestling)


The Clash XV Results | Oak Park & River Forest

 Round  Team  State  National
 Bracket D Tournament  Plattsmouth  NE  --  W 59-6
 "  St. Michael-Albertville  MN  --  W 38-21
 "  Park Hill  MO  #24  L 20-33
 2nd Bracket Round Robin  Anoka  MN  #50  L 32-35
 "  Apple Valley  MN  #34  L 24-34
 "  Wasatch  UT  --  W 38-32


Clash course: Huskies to dual teams from here, there, everywhere
OPRF, #21 nationally, returns to The Clash; Fri-Sat mark Rochester, MN, event · 12/26/2016


Image via event website | visit

Since 2012-2013, OPRF has taken the westward trip to Rochester, Minnesota, for a 32-team dual team tournament. Two years ago, the Orange & Blue Crew wrecked the competition to win the gold trophy. Last year, the Huskies made the top bracket but lost two on Saturday. This year, the Huskies are top-seeded in their Day One bracket, but the Huskies (#21 nationally by InterMat) may face Bachanan (CA), St. Edward (OH), and Lake Highland Prep (FL) on Day 2. These teams are InterMat's #2, #3, and #4 overall squads in the USA.

In this event's preparation, all 32 teams have been seeded (from #1-32) and placed into four brackets (Brackets A-D). Based on the results of these 8-team brackets, the final day's action will pit groups of four teams in a round robin style. After day one, all first place teams will meet on Saturday in a round robin pool; all second place teams will meet in a round robin pool...etc. After each round robin collection of duals, these teams will be ranked and given a final placing (out of 32) for the tournament. In the event of a round robin tie of records (perhaps two or three teams have tied with a 2-1 record, say), there is a tiebreaking system adopted by tournament administrators.

A "Minny" and more feel | This is a national tournament, but several of the nation's top teams won't attend due to other plans or to an inability to attend this tournament (per local high school state rules). Still, The Clash boasts a perennial collection of highly ranked squads from across the USA. In addition to Minnesota and Illinois, several other states will be represented: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. Those counting will note that there are 16 states with at least one representative in this year's field. For a full list of entrants, go to The Clash website or look below at the opening day's brackets.

Say a "prairie" for us | Illinois will offer Glenbard North, Washington, and Providence, along with OPRF in this Clash's field.

Tournament links | Clash XV | Schedule | Format (scroll down, from 2015) | InterMat Preview

More links | TrackW | TrackCast video ($15) | Twitter (@TheClashMN) | Twitter (@OPRFWrestling)



Friday's brackets (via | Saturday's action will be 4-team round robins



Number one won: Huskies tame Panthers 42-18
 Orange & Blue earn #1-versus-#1 victory with help of four falls · 12/23/2016


The Huskies roared loudly on the big stage. | FB

It was a battle between #1-ranked (3A) OPRF and #1-ranked (2A) Washington. Both squads earned IHSA team titles in February.

In a very unusual setting, the visiting Oak Park & River Forest Huskies served as rude guests to the Washington Panthers in the 2nd annual "Dubtown Throwdown" specialty wrestling dual. The Huskies ascend to an 11-0 overall record, while the Panthers drop their first dual on the season.

It was a night of thrills and heavy hearts...and certainly it was a night of good wrestling. The Orange & Blue Wrecking Crew took home 9 of the 14 bouts, including four pins worth six team points each. Washington earned five victories: one pin and four minor decisions.

Of note, both the Huskies and Panthers are scheduled to take part in the upcoming Clash dual tournament, in Rochester, Minnesota. Perhaps these two will meet again.


Oak Park & River Forest vs. Washington | Dec 23, 2016

OPRF Results and Team Scores

 Wt.  Wrestler  Result O W    Wt.  Wrestler  Result O W
 126  Eddie Bolivar  L 3-5   3    182  Tariq Thurman  W 3-1 3  
 132  Tony Madrigal  W Fall 6      195  Elijah Osit  L Fall   6
 138  Jay Renteria  W Fall 6      220  Chris Middlebrooks  W 5-2 3  
 145  Eddie Ordonez  L 1-3   3    285  Talvin Gibson  L 1-5   3
 152  Jake Cagnina  W Fall 6      106  Josh Ogunsanya  W Fall 6  
 160  Brian Holloway  W 12-4 4      113  Nico Bolivar  W 12-1 4  
 170  Drew Matticks  W 10-0 4      120  PJ Ogunsanya  L 2-3   3
               FINAL SCORE:  42  18
Video Recap | Week 25 (Washington) covered the event and Medlin's situation. Video on FB.

Support Medlin | Washington Head Coach Bryan Medlin suffered a devastating tragedy this past Thursday, December 22. A fire destroyed Coach Medlin's home (article). He and his family are okay -- nobody was at home at the time -- but the contents of the house were completely lost to the fire. Should you wish to donate, a GoFundMe page has been set up where you can donate any amount you choose. Bryan Medlin has been an influential coach not only at his alma mater high school, Washington, but also on the state level and in national competitions. We know that Coach Medlin appreciates any and all support (monetary or other) that folks can give.

Medlin Update (Dec 24) | Washington Times-Reporter


Coach Medlin and his home's destruction | T



It's a Wash: OPRF to dual Washington in an unusual setting
Huskies and Panthers to offer a holiday treat on Dec. 23; Varsities square off in a theater · 12/22/2016


This dual is set for the Washington Five Points Auditorium. | FB

Washington Community High School and Oak Park & River Forest High School have had a recent string of...familiarities. From working together to clean up Washington after a tornado outbreak in 2013 to banding together in offseason wrestling tournaments (Washington North/Oak Park South), WCHS and OPRF have grown together of recent years. Certainly, you can add your own stories about the correlation between these two squads.

Bryan Medlin, Washington Head Coach, will host the team's 2nd annual "Dubtown Throwdown" in the Washington Five Points Auditorium (event Facebook page). It is likely to be a scene that you've never experienced. The meet will take place at 6:00 pm on Friday, December 23. As of now, I can't find any live/archived feeds of the event. If you find any, please contact us.

The ones have it | Both Washington (2A) and OPRF (3A) come into the dual as undefeated #1-ranked teams. Washington is 6-0 in dual play, and the Huskies are 10-0. What will happen on Friday night? The Panthers bring in talent. The Huskies have their own share, as well. For current individual rankings, see below.

Fun, fan-friendly atmosphere | A little birdie told me that in addition to the unorthodox setting of the event, there may be untraditional methods applied to the head-to-head affair. Only those who go will know....

Radical rankings (GEI @ IM) | Class 2A Individual | Class 3A Individual

If you make it down, have a blast! Happy holidays!!



Huskies in the headlines: OPRF Wrestling in the news
Whitlach is in the books, Jay Renteria is a star, alumni earn top prize · 12/21/2016


It's always wonderful to find news and multimedia online pertaining to our dear wrestlin' Huskies. A few new pieces have popped up recently.

Huskies in the Headlines

Recent News

    - USA Wrestling, U.S. Senior Nationals (GR): Kamal Bey (OW), Ellis Coleman win; Lillashawn Coleman 8th
    - Wednesday Journal, Marty Farmer: OPRF wrestling wins Whitlach Invite
    - Illinois Matmen, Gary Larsen: OPRF finishes on top at Rex Whitlach Invitational
    - Illinois Matmen, Mick Torres ( Individual champion photos from Rex Whitlach Invitational
    - Illinois Matmen, JD Oliva (Video Infinity): Rex Whitlach Highlight Video
    - Illinois Matmen, Mike Garofola: OPRF produces yet another bright star in Renteria


Top of the mountain: Huskies win Hinsdale Central tourney
OPRF places 10 en route to gold; Tony Madrigal and Jay Renteria win their weight classes · 12/17/2016


Red Devils played host.

Both Jack Frost and Oak Park & River Forest High School planned to have powerful weekends. The Huskies did their part in this duo, earning top honors at the Rex Whitlach Invitational wrestling tournament on Friday and Saturday. Mr. Frost, well, is demonstrating his authority as you read this article.

The Huskies finished with 10 place-winners, all finishing in fourth place or higher. OPRF's two champions finished behind Stevenson's three, but four runner-ups were double the next best squad. Add one consolation championship and a trio of wrestleback runner-ups to the mix, and the Huskies finished the event with 243.5 points. Four others wrestled tough (two earned at least one victory) and continued development throughout this season.

Deerfield (218 pts), Sandburg (173.5), Lyons Township (169), and Stevenson (152) rounded out the top five team finishers.

Champions were Tony Madrigal (126) and Jay Renteria (138). Finishing in second place were Josh Ogunsanya (106), Nico Bolivar (113), Brian Holloway (160), and Drew Matticks (170). The third-place finisher was PJ Ogunsanya (120). Fourth-place medalists were Torry Early (132), Tariq Thurman (182), and Elija Osit (195). Non-placers were Ronnie Massari (145), Jake Cagnina (152), Jaylan Pascascio (220), and Talvin Gibson (285).

Review the tourney | Brackets | Coaches' Packet | Champion Photos | Highlight Video | Recap (WJ) | Recap (IM)

Stay warm, folks!


Hinsdale Central Tourney Results | 106-145

 Wrestler  Year  Weight  Place
 Josh Ogunsanya  Freshman  106  2nd
 Nico Bolivar  Freshman  113  2nd
 PJ Ogunsanya  Senior  120  3rd
 Anthony Madrigal  Junior  126  1st
 Torry Early  Sophomore  132  4th
 Jason Renteria  Senior  138  1st
 Ronnie Massari  Freshman  145  DNP

Hinsdale Central Tourney Results | 152-285

 Wrestler  Year  Weight  Place
 Jake Cagnina  Sophomore  152  DNP
 Brian Holloway  Senior  160  2nd
 Drew Matticks  Senior  170  2nd
 Tariq Thurman  Senior  182  4th
 Elijah Osit  Junior  195  4th
 Jaylan Pascascio  Sophomore  220  DNP
 Talvin Gibson  Junior  285  DNP


Tipping over 'Toppers: OPRF rise above Glenbard West 54-10
Huskies earn 11 wins; Oak Park & River Forest is now at 3-0 in conference · 12/15/2016


#1 OPRF rises to 10-0.

After last weekend's Ironman trip, Glenbard West couldn't "trip" Oak Park & River Forest in familiar confines. It was the Huskies who stormed out of the gates to extend their unbeaten streak to begin the season (10-0, 3-0).

At 160 pounds, Brian Holloway began the evening with a 17-3 major decision win. Two 6-pount wins followed with a Drew Matticks fall (170) before a Tariq Thurman forfeit victory at 182. Elijah Osit, a junior, dominated his dance partner to the tune of a 17-0 technical fall triumph (195). Jaylan Pascascio (220) and Talvin Gibson (285) reversed the 6-point wins with a forfeit and pin, respectively. Freshmen Josh Ogunsanya (106) and Nico Bolivar (113) earned W's with 4-0 and 17-1 tallies. At this point, it was all Huskies: 41-0.

PJ Ogunsanya, wrestling up at 120 pounds, took a test against #4 Charles Faber. PJ lost, but it was a close 5-1 match. Expect PJ to be wrestling at 113 pounds in February. Max Walton also faltered against his Glenbard West opponent, but he fought off a hungry 126-pound Hilltopper who wanted more (9-0 major decision). At 132 pounds, Torry Early found his opponent's shoulders on the mat as he won by fall. At 138, Joe Chapman scored a barnburner 10-9 razor thin win. Ronnie Massari didn't fare as highly as Joe C. in a close 13-10 defeat. Joe Cagnina calmly sent the audience packing with a 152-pound 17-7 major decision victory. The Orange & Blue Wrecking Crew 54, The Glenbard West Hilltoppers 10.



Week 4, a familiar tale: Huskies clash in the WSC with GW and HC+
A home battle with Glenbard West on Thursday morphs into an away tourney at Hinsdale Central · 12/14/2016

Huskies are in title hunt at HC.

Christmas is coming. For the Huskies, it will be evident this Thursday and Friday (and Saturday) as OPRF witnesses this same holiday's color of green (Thursday versus Glenbard West) and red (Friday and Saturday at Hinsdale Central).

The Orange & Blue sport a modest four dual conference winning streak heading into Thursday. This weekend, the "Scoville Scurriers" will be one of many in Hinsdale at the Rex Whitlach Tournament. According to the list of ranked wrestlers (as of Illinois Matment's GEI rankings from Dec. 6), at least 20 teams will attend: OPRF, Hinsdale Central, Downers Grove North, Glenbard West, Deerfield, Brother Rice, Stevenson, West Aurora, DeKalb, Rolling Meadows, Lyons Township, Belleville West, Sandburg, Plainfield North, New Trier, Homewood-Flossmoor, Lemont, Fenton, Hinsdale South, and Geneseo. (UPDATED: Minooka, Downers Grove South, Rockford East, and Bradley-Bourbonnais are also scheduled to compete.) There should be quite a few high quality matches to enjoy as a spectator.

For lower levels, view our Schedule page.

Week Four Slate (Varsity)
 Thursday, December 15  Friday and Saturday, December 16-17
 Glenbard West @ OPRF (c)  OPRF @ Hinsdale Central (Tournament)
 HOME - OPRF  AWAY - Hinsdale Central
The Hilltoppers have been much stronger in recent years; they are no longer overlooked in the conference. However, their firepower is low with only two ranked wrestlers in Illinois Matmen rankings: Catron Frazier (HM at 106) and Charles Faber (#4 at 120). This year's green hopes to be mean to the Huskies.
If the Ironman tournament is a "king" tournament, this tourney most certainly is a "prince." This is a nice little (big?) tournament of 20 or more schools. In 3A, #8 Deerfield, #9 Sandburg, #10 Stevenson, and #18 Lyons Township will compete as part of the field. If you have time, this tournament will be one to watch.


Saying "bye" to O-"hi"-o: OPRF places two at Walsh Ironman
Tony Madrigal earns 3rd, Jay Renteria 7th; Huskies finish in 22nd place · 12/10/2016  



The Walsh Ironman has few adjectives to describe it. It's a monster tournament. It's the books. The Huskies finished with two place-winners: Anthony Madrigal (126) finished in third place. Jason Renteria (132) finished in seventh place. As a team, Oak Park & River Forest garnered 22nd place with 48.5 team points.

The final individual results are: Josh Ogunsanya (106, 2-2 record), PJ Ogunsanya (113, 2-2), Eddie Bolivar (120. 0-2), Tony Madrigal (126, 5-1 -- 3rd Place), Jason Renteria (132, 4-2 -- 7th Place), Torry Early (138, 1-2), Kedrick Bryant (145, 0-2), Jake Cagnina (152, 0-2), Brian Holloway (160, 0-2), Drew Matticks (170, 1-2), Tariq Thurman (182, 0-2), Elijah Osit (195, 0-2), Christopher Middlebrooks (220, 1-2), and vacant (285).

Stories here include: 1) Tony Madrigal gutting out two big wins over the #1 ranked 126-pounder in Illinois and 2) how the Huskies will respond as they rejoin the Illinois wrestling scene. Expect that Paul Collins has his squad rested, ready, and refocused on the Hilltoppers and on the Hinsdale Central tournament next weekend.

Huskie Pride!

Links | Ironman Home | Results on TrackWrestling | FloWrestling



Ironing out our differences: Huskies finish Day 1 of the Ironman
OPRF continues 4 to Day 2; Tony Madrigal and Jay Renteria are undefeated thus far · 12/09/2016  


The Walsh Ironman is a brutal tournament. Many say that this tournament is the premiere individual tournament in all of (national) high school wrestling. Scores of teams participate in this Varsity tournament. Some teams send a full lineup, whereas others simply send one to several standouts hoping to perform well (and gain valuable experience). OPRF sent 13 to the brackets and have 4 remain, all lighter weights. The Ogunsanya brothers (Josh and PJ) each have a 2-1 record and are in the consolation round. Josh is wrestling at 106 and PJ at 113. Anthony Madrigal (126) and Jay Renteria (132) are each 2-0 and in the quarterfinal round.

FloWrestling, among other sites, includes news on the event. However, it also offers video via paid subscription.

Good luck to all wrestlers in Day 2! Let's finish Huskie strong!

Links | Follow on TrackWrestling | FloWrestling



The locker room is open: Roster page is updated
View the faces that make up the Varsity / Junior Varsity squads · 12/04/2016



We have been following our beloved Huskies for two weeks now, and you've seen several faces that are new to our program. Also, for newcomers to the school, team, or website, we offer you a chance to know and follow wrestlers as they continue their 2016-2017 season journey.

Our season roster is updated, complete with names, weights, and photos. If you see any errors, please send us an email.

Get to know these very talented young men and women, and enjoy this ride!

We extend a warm thank you to Jonna Borgdorff for her photography skills and time spent. :)



Close, closer, and closest: Huskies take 3 in Washington
OPRF bests Lincoln-Way West at the finish; Huskies also beat Deerfield and Carmel · 12/03/2016


OPRF finished 3-0 at the quad.

While many anticipated a potential Washington-OPRF monster dual, the Huskies instead faced Lincoln-Way West, Carmel, and Deerfield (respectively). At a traditional four-team quad, it is clear that all teams are scheduled to compete against one another. At a Mega-dual or Super-dual, more than four teams are present, and the ensuing matchups are not as obvious.

The first dual of the day turned out to be a barnburner. Lincoln-Way West finished last year ranked as the #3 best Class 2A squad (behind Washington and Mount Carmel). They are a tough bunch. After 13 bouts, the Huskies and Warriors were knotted at 27 points apiece. The last match was a winner-take-all situation. Brian Holloway -- "Mr. Cool" -- defeated his opponent 7-2 to win the match and dual!! The 160-pounder took care of business for the team.

After that dual, the anxiety waned as the Orange & Blue downed Carmel, IN, (49-12) and Deerfield (42-21).

All fourteen wrestlers were needed today, and all gained valuable experience as the season continues. Eight Huskies finished a perfect 3-0 on the day: Nico Bolivar (106), PJ Ogunsanya (113), Eddie Bolivar (120), Tony Madrigal (126), Jay Renteria (132), Brian Holloway (160), Drew Matticks (170), and Christopher Middlebrooks (220). Two wrestled to a 2-1 record: Tariq Thurman (182) and Elijah Osit (195). One ended with a 1-2 record: Torry Early (138). Three went 0-3 against tough opponents: Kedrick Bryant (145), Jake Cagnina (152), and Talvin Gibson (285).

If you made the trip, we hope you weren't disappointed!



Week 2 terrors: OPRF hopes to continue to scare the competition
Huskies to travel to Proviso West and Washington; coincidently, both teams' mascot is Panther · 12/01/2016

Washington is a tough squad.

After one week of blazing action, the Huskies look to keep their momentum moving forward this week. Proviso West will host the Huskies on Friday night. If you know Panther wrestling, you know that they've had trouble filling complete Varsity squads in years past. It will be a homecoming for former Proviso West student-athlete Tariq Thurman.

On Saturday morning, the Orange & Blue Wrecking Crew will be down south, at Washington High School. Yes, Washington and Oak Park-River Forest have become close in recent years. You may remember that they have shared a special offseason bond with such team names as "Washington North" and "Oak Park South." On Saturday, though, inside the warring circle will strictly be business. A year ago, OPRF faced Deerfield, Lincoln-Way Central, and Washington on the 3-0 day. What will happen this time?

For lower levels, view our Schedule page.

Week Two Slate (Varsity)
 Friday, December 2  Saturday, December 3
 OPRF @ Proviso West (c)  OPRF @ Washington (Quad)
 AWAY - Proviso West  AWAY - Washington
The Panthers have always been tough; the main problem is that there were too few wrestlers who toed the Varsity line. Still, several individual bouts were competitive. Jaleel Hollingsworth, a senior, finished last year as #11 on the Illinois Matmen rankings. If the name sounds familiar, you may remember that he wrestled in the Little Huskies Wrestling Club years ago.
The Washington Panthers are reigning Class 2A team champions. Fellow champions, Dakota (1A), also met the Huskies last week. Have a go at the final 2A rankings from a year ago. Punke (x3!), Delaware, Goin, Warner.... If you can make it on Saturday, you'll be treated to tremendous wrestling. Again, last year the Huskies also wrestled Deerfield and Lincoln-Way Central.


Nothing new about it: OPRF sweeps New Trier quad, blanks two
Huskies wow crowd, competition with 75-0, 72-0, 59-7 victories; OPRF now 5-0 on the young season · 11/26/2016


OPRF is 5-0.

That was impressive. I don't know if the IHSA keeps state records about fewest points allowed in consecutive duals, but the Orange & Blue came out determined and decisive against Schaumburg (75-0), New Trier (72-0), and Dakota (59-7). Before the Dakota dual, Varsity had not given up a team point in three consecutive duals. That is correct: not a single team point.

On Saturday, the Huskies took all three duals by a combined 206-7 tally. For the season, the "Scoville Scurriers" have amassed a very impressive 331-16 cumulative team score (5-0 record). While certainly this looks good on paper, the OPRF coaching staff knows that locking horns against the top teams in Class 3A will be a different story. Therefore, "Improve, improve, improve" continues to lead the way in the practice room and in front of paid spectators.

At New Trier, OPRF's Twitter account reported all of the action. Fourteen Varsity Huskies each partook in three matches apiece. A dozen of these wrestlers finished 3-0 on the day: Nico Bolivar (106), Josh Ogunsanya (113), PJ Ogunsanya (120), Eddie Bolivar (126), Tony Madrigal (132), Jay Renteria (138), Ronnie Massari (145), Jake Cagnina (152), Brian Holloway (160), Drew Matticks (170), Tariq Thurman (182), and Christopher Middlebrooks (220). Two heavier-weights finished the day 2-1: Elijah Osit (195) and Max McDermott (285).

If you came out, thanks for traveling up north!



Calming the Storm: OPRF thunders to 73-0 win over South Elgin
Varsity and Junior Varsity combine for a 149-12 team score differential on the night · 11/23/2015


Huskie fans, coaches were all smiles on Wednesday night. (photos by Jonna Borgdorff)  | |

On Wednesday night, the OPRF Huskies took a head start on their Thanksgiving meals by feasting on the visiting competition. First things first, we'd like to acknowledge and appreciate South Elgin for accepting to schedule this event after the St. Rita-OPRF dual meet was cancelled. South Elgin is a spirited, well-coached squad, and we wish them the best of luck moving forward this year and in years to come.

Oak Park & River Forest (2-0, 1-0) was brilliant on the mats against the Storm. The Huskies' Junior Varsity squad blitzed South Elgin 76-12 before the Orange & Blue big dogs scored an impressive 73-0 victory.

The Varsity dual began at 195 pounds. Here are the fourteen Huskie victors, in order: Tariq Thurman, Christopher Middlebrooks, Max McDermott, Nico Bolivar (106), Josh Ogunsanya, PJ Ogunsanya, Eddie Bolivar, Tony Madrigal, Jason Renteria, Ronnie Massari (145), Daniel Pedraza, Brian Holloway, Drew Matticks, and Darian Nichols.

Wrestling is a peculiar sport in that it is both a team and individual sport. Despite the disparity in the Varsity team score, each wrestler who is put forth has a duty (and hopefully, a passion) to do everything s/he can to win that bout. Also, valuable experience and practice can help wrestlers later on in the season. For new fans to wrestling, there is no "mercy rule" in wrestling. Regardless of the team tallies, each of fourteen (Varsity) bouts will be wrestled unless there is a forfeit.

There will be a break in competition on Thursday and Friday, but the whistles will once again blow this coming Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Event pics (by Jonna Borgdorff) | Varsity | Junior Varsity | Senior Night




2016-2017 Senior Night Photos

(Photos by Jonna Borgdorff)



And they're off: Huskies charge out of the gates in 52-9 triumph
OPRF bests Downers Grove North; Huskies begin season 1-0 in conference · 11/22/2016


OPRF scored a dizzying dozen victories in a row. (photos by Jonna Borgdorff)  |

Tonight's opening night affair for both squads took place in the warm confines of the OPRF Field House. The Huskies and Trojans competed in a traditional dual, in that the first contested weight class was the lightest weight. Prior to each dual meet, a drawing is held to determine the starting weight class. If 152 pounds is drawn, for example, the dual would begin at 152 pounds and finish at 145 pounds.

The three-time defending state champion Huskies looked like they didn't skip a beat. OPRF (1-0, 1-0 in conference) earned victories in 12 of 14 Varsity bouts. The Trojans, however, were the first team to grace the team scoreboard. At 106 pounds, Nico Bolivar went toe-to-toe with Nate Cummings (DGN). Despite the 2-1 loss, keep tabs on Nico. The Huskies next blazed to a dozen victories: Josh Ogunsanya (113), PJ Ogunsanya (120), Eddie Bolivar (126), Tony Madrigal (132), Jay Renteria (138), Kedrick Bryant (145), Jake Cagnina (152), Brian Holloway (160), Drew Matticks (170), Tariq Thurman (182), Elijah Osit (195), and Christopher Middlebrooks (220). At heavyweight, Max McDermott had his opponent in danger but was ultimately bested. Final score: OPRF 52, Downers Grove North 9. (On the JV side, JV defeated the Trojans 54-6.)

Come on out tonight (Wednesday) for Senior Night and to watch the Huskies battle South Elgin.

Event pics (by Jonna Borgdorff) | Varsity | Junior Varsity







Week 1 warriors: OPRF opens season at home (x2), New Trier
Huskies officially to begin quest for fourth consecutive team state title · 11/20/2016

How will the Field House appear on Tuesday night?
(archived from 2009-2010 season opener vs. St. Pat's)

For a few weeks now (let's be honest -- since this past March), the Oak Park & River Forest Huskies have readied themselves for the 2016-2017 season. Preparation is paramount, and on Tuesday, November 22, the Orange & Blue open up their event schedule at home versus conference challengers, Downers Grove North. The very next night, OPRF will also play host to South Elgin.

Wednesday night will be Senior Night. Come out and support our seniors! There will be a ceremony and photo session before the Varsity dual versus South Elgin. Following the South Elgin-OPRF dual meet, there will be an alumni event at Skrine Chops (Forest Park).

Thursday and Friday yield days of rest, but Saturday brings a field trip to New Trier High School in Winnetka. Varsity will battle in a traditional quad (or, quadrangular meet). The Huskies will wrestle opposite three teams.

We really, really appreciate your time and dedication to sell admission tickets, run the concession stand, or simply spread the word about our home events.

For a lineup preview, zoom lower on the page to view a weight-by-weight breakdown of whom to expect this week and this season.

For lower levels, view our Schedule page.

Week One Slate (Varsity)
 Tuesday, November 22  Wednesday, November 23  Saturday, November 26
 Downers Grove North @ OPRF (c)  South Elgin @ OPRF  OPRF @ New Trier (Quad)
 HOME - Field House  HOME - Field House  AWAY - Winnetka
DGN is also in the West Suburban-Silver Conference. Last year, the Trojans did not appear in the GEI Illinois Matmen final rankings. According to last year's spreadsheet, there are three returning wrestlers from the rankings: Nate Cummings, Austin Maher, and Sky Arend.
* - Senior Night

South Elgin is not a familiar adversary. Many of you are not familiar with the Storm. They bring three levels of action to Oak Park. Their lone ranked wrestler from the conclusion of 2016-2017 has since graduated.

Last year, the Huskies toppled New Trier, Schaumburg, and 1A power Dakota. Will the same three come calling again in Winnetka? Dakota is a team to learn about. They return a possible 6 ranked wrestlers. View them here. Beware; there could be impact freshmen in the mix, too.


28 for 28: Shaking care of business (#23 of 28)

With the first competition right around the corner (Tuesday, Nov 22, 6:00 pm vs. Downers Grove North), we're thrilled to announce this season's sponsorship list!! Below are the sponsorship logos for all Platinum, Gold, and Silver Levels. For more information about each business or association, you can click directly onto the logo to jump to the official website. Thank you to all of our sponsors for their kind support! To the viewers, please consider these businesses and associations if you have a need or desire to do so.

We invite you to visit the full Sponsors List at our Sponsors page. You can also view it by using the left menu bar and selecting "SHOW YOUR SUPPORT - Sponsors". If you wish to add your name to the list, further details are available on the Sponsors page. Thank you again, sponsors!







See the entire Sponsors List!! (Click here)



Social media mania: Davonte Mahomes featured on Wed. podcast
Davonte Mahomes, OPRF Class of 2014, will be a guest on IL Wrestling News Podcast this Wed · 10/24/2016

Davonte in 2014

Mack Bolen, a River Forest resident and OPRFHS alumnus, will invite Davonte Mahomes (and others) to appear on his podcast to be broadcast this Wednesday, October 26, at 7:00 pm CST. Here is the podcast URL link or visit:

Wednesday's episode has a focus on the University of Michigan. After graduating Oak Park & River Forest High School, Davonte enrolled and wrestled for the Wolverines. Davonte is a redshirt sophomore this season. Also appearing on the podcast are Sean Bormet and Brian Murphy. Jump to Davonte's University of Michigan bio: Davonte Mahomes.



Weeks to prepare 4: IHSA competition begins Nov. 22
We're down to four weeks until the first whistle blows in the IHSA season · 10/24/2016

"There's nothing more true...than the Orange & Blue."

November 22, a Tuesday, is the kickoff competition event for the Orange & Blue Wrecking Crew. On that day, Huskies will tussle with the Downers Grove North Trojans. We are less than one month away, folks, to seeing your young adults in action that counts on the stat sheets.

In our lead-up to the big day, we will post 28 articles (one for each day -- although they may not be published each day) as a primer for this season. It is my intention (the webmaster speaking, here) to educate as many as I can about what I know and what I've learned so that you can have the richest experience of the 2016-2017 IHSA Wrestling season. 28 days = 4 weeks. Now, we are striving during this 4 week period. Coincidently, the Huskies are also striving for consecutive team state title championship number 4.

The articles will be a hodgepodge of knowledge that -- quite frankly -- I want to import into your brain. A lot of it is education; some of it is fun. All will add a fuller view of these Oak Park & River Forest Huskies and the program (and family) that surrounds them.

Don't expect these articles to be lengthy ESPN-like pieces. I am -- after all -- a full-time elementary school teacher when the sun comes up (or go does down in the Chicago area). But there is little in this world that I love just as much as I love these Huskies, and I want you to feel as fulfilled and inspired as I do. I will learn and grow as I write and share, too.

In the meantime, buckle up for the World Series, and remember: "There's nothing more true...than the Orange & Blue."



Senior sensations: Now introducing the 2016-2017 graduating class
Get to know the Class of 2017 before they line up in November · 09/29/2016

Kenzo Murray, Darian Nichols, and Brandon Killingsworth (left to right) are in the first wave on interviews.

The 2016-2017 OPRF Huskies will have a large senior class. Roughly a dozen members of the Orange & Blue Wrecking Crew will graduate in June 2017. Why not begin introducing some of the leaders of the upcoming IHSA season now? We will be adding senior photos and interview details on a rolling basis. For news about the Huskies and our Huskie Wrestling Family, please be sure and check out the HWF Facebook page.

To see all of the OPRF Wrestling seniors, jump to our Senior Scroll page. New names, photos, and quotes will be added as interviews are completed.

Senior wrestlers on the Senior Scroll (so far):

Jason Renteria (most recent)
Peter Ogunsanya
Drew Matticks
Deundre Garner
Brian Holloway
Kevin Davis
Tariq Thurman
Daniel Pedraza
Brandon Killingsworth
Darian Nichols
Kenzo Murray



Back to school: Huskies hope to learn, then burn the competition
IHSA Wrestling practices begin in just over six weeks on November 7 · 09/23/2016


It's been a long (or perhaps short?) summer, but the fall season is firmly here. The Oak Park & River Forest Football Huskies are enjoying a blemish-free 4-0 record on the year, and the thermometer has started its trek south for the winter.

In a mere 45 days from the time of this posting, the IHSA Wrestling season will be underway once again. The OPRF Huskies are three-time defending Illinois Class 3A champions, and they are poised at yet another strong run at both at the team and individual levels.

Paul Collins and his (Orange & Blue Wrecking) Crew continue to lay the groundwork to be prepared from day one. "In Relentless Pursuit" isn't just a three word tagline that looks good on t-shirts or posters; there is a village and Huskie Wrestling Family already working hard to create yet another amazingly successful season.

We hope you take the time to pencil in a few -- dozen! -- Huskie wrestling events this season. Below is the upcoming Varsity wrestling schedule, as accessed on September 23. Please note that dates, times, or opponents may change if necessary. For schedules of Junior Varsity 1, Junior Varsity 2, and Freshman squads, visit OPRF Wrestling on to view the competition slates of all levels.

We hope that you stay tuned to as we take another proud vault into the world of interscholastic high school athletics. Go Huskies!




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