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Please note that the webmaster, Brian Tideman, only manages site content, including results and statistics. At present, he does not reside in Oak Park or River Forest, and he is unable to attend OPRF Wrestling events or participate in program day-to-day activities. Please do contact him in regards to website corrections, additions, suggestions, or praise.

OPRF Wrestling Email Contact List
Title | Name | Email
 Site Webmaster | Brian Tideman | oprfwrestlingwebmaster@gmail.com
 Head Coach | Paul Collins | oprfwrestlingheadcoach@gmail.com
 Assistant Coach | Mike Powell | opwrestling@gmail.com
 OPRF Wrestling Family Rep | Jonna Borgdorff | JonnaBorgdorff@gmail.com
 Little Huskies Coaching Staff | Matt McDermott | littlehuskieswrestling@yahoo.com