There are many benefits of wrestling.  Listed below are some of the benefits according to various sources on the internet.  Click on "full article" to view article in its entirety.

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  • You'll never be in better shape in your life.
  • You can burn off more fat, in less time, and keep it off.
  • It's the best kept secret in college admissions.
  • It's the best non-violent self-defense training you'll ever get.
  • It puts mental toughness and a fearless, confident attitude in your life.

EntertainmentWrestling | full article (no longer active)

  • Wrestling is an anaerobic exercise that increases endurance.
  • Wrestling improves flexibility.
  • Wrestlers learn to eat healthy with the right amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Learned discipline increases resistance to diseases such as diabetes, fractures, heart disease, and osteoporosis.

Jack Fisher, editor of Texas Wrestling Magazine | full article (no longer active)

  • Wrestling increases speed, quickness, coordination, and balance.
  • Injuries in wrestling are less debilitating than in other sports.
  • Wrestling emphasizes team work and individual dedication.