Enjoy some Huskie history!
     The Loyalty Song

     We're loyal to you Oak Park High,
     We're orange and blue, Oak Park High.
     We'll back you to stand 'gainst the best in the land,
     For we know you've got sand, Oak Park
     Rah! Rah!

     Go crashing ahead, Oak Park High!
     Go smash that blockade, Oak Park High!
     Our team is a fame protector, Run, boys for we expect
     A victory from you, Oak Park High!

Here's some more OPRF Athletics history from Wikipedia:

  Coach Bob Zuppke developed historic football innovations such as the huddle, the flea flicker and the screen pass at OPRFHS. When Zuppke moved on to coach at the University of Illinois, he brought OPRF's school colors (orange and navy blue) with him. Illinois alumnus George S. Halas, founder of the Chicago Bears, would later make these the official colors of the Bears, albeit inverted (navy blue with orange trim instead of orange with navy blue trim). OPRF, in turn, adopted U of I's original fight song, "Illinois Loyalty", as "We're Loyal to You Oak Park High".